130dB Safesound Personal Alarm Keychain, Siren Song, Emergency Alarm, Self Defence for Women Kids Girls Elderly, Security Sensor as Bag Decoration

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Check Out 130dB Safesound Personal Alarm Keychain, Siren Song, Emergency Alarm, Self Defence for Women Kids Girls Elderly, Security Sensor as Bag Decoration. See Great Uncategorized By Unihoh.

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130dB Safesound Personal Alarm Keychain, Siren Song, Emergency Alarm, Self Defence for Women Kids Girls Elderly, Security Sensor as Bag Decoration
An attacker’s worst enemy is attention
Victims are often too traumatized to shout for help in unfamiliar and dangerous situations, increasing their vulnerability.
The high pitched alarm is intended to deter attacker and call for assistance while switching the element of surprise from the attacker to the victim.
Criminals do not like to draw attention, and will likely run off when they realize the alarm cannot be stopped.
Convenient to replace battery
Preloaded with heavy duty alkaline LR44 batteries, user replaceable and 365 day standby time. You can find replacement batteries at any drug.
Durable & Premium Quality
Made of premium ABS material, resistance to fall,high temperature and the copper plug, no rusty, beautiful and durable,
keep undamaged in your most adverse conditions.
A great choice for a gift
These delicate alarms are exquisite gifts for your loved ones, family and friends. You do care their safety.
Give them a self-defence weapon as your sincere concern.
How to use
1. Press the button ,LED light will turn on; press again, it will turn off.
2. Long press the button, LED light will strobe; press again, it will turn off.
3. Double click the button, the alarm will sound while LED light strobes; press again, both off.
4. Pull the chain, the alarm will sound while LED light strobes; insert the chain, both off.
Note: Pull out the insulation sheet at the back of alarm before testing alarm sound and LED.
Standard packing list
Personal alarm:*1
Material: Environmental ABS
Battery: LR44*4pcs
Alarm decibel: About 130dB

Survival Alarm Product Features:

Protect You and Your Loved FamilyUnihoh personal alarm features in a high pitched alarm of 130dB which can effectively scare off an assailant as well as draw people’s attention even at a far distance. This is a true safety protector for you and you loved family or friends in unfamiliar and dangerous situations
Simple and Easy To Use This is by far the most simple and quick solution that requires no thinking. Just simply pull the chain or double-click the button with the convenience of single hand operation, the loud sound can attract immediate attention and give you vital seconds to flee the scene
Exclusive DesignOur exclusive design never allow the keychain completely leave the alarm body so no trouble of losing keychain. Besides, the button has a single hand operation to activate the alarm that serves as an emergency back-up solution
Ultra-bright FlashlightUnihoh Personal Alarm boasts TWICE the LIGHT of the rest and an EMERGENCY STROBE LIGHT! A good assistant for you to light up the road in the dark
Bag Decoration & Personal Alarm Keep your entire family safe with a self defence keychain, designed to clip onto any bag or keychain and blend in as a simple decoration. A great choice for all : Women, Elderly, Students, Kids, Joggers, Night Workers, etc.





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