BlizeTec Emergency Bivy Sack Mylar Thermal Survival Blanket and Tube Tent with Mini Carry Bag

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Check Out BlizeTec Emergency Bivy Sack Mylar Thermal Survival Blanket and Tube Tent with Mini Carry Bag. See Great Uncategorized By BlizeTec Quality Matters!.

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BlizeTec Emergency Bivy Sack Mylar Thermal Survival Blanket and Tube Tent with Mini Carry Bag
BlizeTec Thermal Blanket and Emergency Tent Kit: Prepared for the Unexpected!
If you are someone who is looking to ditch a heavier tent and experience the freedom of sleeping under the stars, then BlizeTec bivy mylar thermal blanket and tube tent are specially built for you. Most bivy sacks appeal to be too big and heavy to carry around. BT914SBT has an unmatched advantage of being low weight yet small packed size. So you can easily carry around whenever you are on the raod. Engineered by our survival and outdoor experts, this life saver set is made of high quality mylar material – designed to keep your body warm during cold and wet condition.
Key Features & Benefits:
* Compact and smart enough to keep you dry and safe during emergency situations.
* Water resistant, wind proof yet suitable to use in any hot, cold and harsh weather conditions.
* Eco design, light weight yet environmental friendly.
* Made of durable mylar material and help prevent one from suffering hypothermia.
* Durable, versatile, reliable yet practical.
* Value investment, maintenance free and backed by a ONE YEAR warranty.
Invest in Quality While Stock Last
This bivy set is a a good addition to your bug out bag. BizeTec emergency savy sack kit is a MUST HAVE for survivals, backpackers, hikers, campers and adventurers. Keep one in your backpack, your vehicle or buy as a gift for your loved ones.
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Survival Shelter Product Features:

About this item
EMERGENCY BIVY SACKS: BlizeTec survival bivy sacks come with a portable mylar thermal reflective sleeping bag blanket and a shelter tube tent. The products are reusable, waterproof and windproof.
RELIABLE YET PORTABLE: BT914SBT are built with ease of use in mind. The items also come with a velvet bag that allow you to carry around. Ideal for campers, backpackers, hikers and hunters.
LIFE SAVER KIT: Made of durable insulating mylar material, both emergency blanket style sleeping bag and tent can help retaining up to 90% of your body heat and prevent one from suffering hypothermia.
LIGHT AND HANDY: Sleeping Bag Dimension:41.33″(W)x 78.74″(L) and weights 2.89oz; Tent dimension:62″(W)x94″(L) and weights 4.93oz. Both products can be folded, kept inside the velvet bag and carried along in your backpack.
WARRANTY PROTECTION: BlizeTec safety and survival kit is a MUST HAVE emergency tool for those who enjoy the wildlife and outdoor; An ideal gift for friends, families and your loved ones. The combo kit is backed by a one year warranty with proof of purchase ONLY directly from BlizeTec.





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