Coghlan’s Tinder

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Coghlan’s Tinder
Waterproof replacement tinder for Coghlan’s #8647 Tinder Kit Contains: 10 pieces waterproof Tinder.

Survival Fire Starter Product Features:

Coghlans 10 pack
Emergency Tinder
Replacement pieces
Master the Campfire
Coghlan’s Fuels.
Coghlan’s makes the outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable with over 500 accessories for camping, hiking, fishing, and RVing — from cooking gear to first aid kits, insect netting, firestarters, tent repair, and more.
Next To Water, Fire Rules
Always keep a means of fire starting close by. And then add a second… or a third. Next to water, fire for cooking and heat is arguably the most critical requirement in emergency situations. At Coghlan’s we recognize this and as such we have several types of fire starter available. From traditional Camp Heat and fuel tablets to paste and environmentally sustainable Fire Discs and Fire Sticks, we have things covered.
Solid fuels are great for use in our Emergency and Foldable stoves
Fire Paste is ideal for lighting damp wood
Fire Discs and Sticks are made from sustainable wood chips and wax to allow plenty of time for wood to catch or as a heat source on their own
Our Tinder Kit and separate Tinder are a lightweight and compact way of ensuring fire is always quickly available
Fire Disc
Made from cedar chips and highly refined wax, these simple fire starters are scored to be easily broken into 4 pieces for starting multiple fires. They also offer 30+ minutes of burn time if burning the entire disc allowing for starting even stubborn wood or using them on their own as a heat source.
Fire Disc Fire Sticks Fire Lighters Fire Paste Tinder Kit Tinder
Quantity in single package 1 12 20 3.75oz (106.3g) 8 pcs 10 pcs
Self-igniting No No No No
Approximate burn time 30 min 9 min 7 min/pc Varies 5-7 min/pc 5-7 min/pc
Fuel Tablets Flint Striker Magnesium Fire Starter Windproof Storm Matches Waterproof Matches Plastic Match Box
Quantity in single package 24 tablets 1000’s of uses 100’s of uses 20 pcs 4 x 40 pcs 1
Self-igniting No No No N/A
Approximate burn time 5-7 minutes per tablet N/A N/A 10-20 seconds 10-15 seconds N/A





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