COONLINE Outdoor Survival Emergency Rescue Signal Mirror with Ruler Compass Whistler for Camping Expedition Exploration Adventure

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Check Out COONLINE Outdoor Survival Emergency Rescue Signal Mirror with Ruler Compass Whistler for Camping Expedition Exploration Adventure. See Great Uncategorized By COONLINE.

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COONLINE Outdoor Survival Emergency Rescue Signal Mirror with Ruler Compass Whistler for Camping Expedition Exploration Adventure
Signal mirror: a mirror used to send a distress signal when in danger. The round hole in the middle of the mirror is made of special reflective material, a “fireball” will appears in the middle of the circle when a signal is sent towards the sun and toward a distress target, it means they can see the light signal you send, so they can see where you are. It mainly used for air, sea, exploration, outdoor travel, disaster prevention, etc. This type of mirror with sight features has superior performance, easy to carry and affordable price, most other types of mirrors on the market do not have sight!
How to sends SOS distress signal: Three short notes for S, three long notes for O, therefore, the signal mirror was used to quickly shake the target three times, slowly shake three times, and then quickly shake three times, thus sending out SOS signal.
Package included: 1x Survival signal mirror(with whistle)

Survival Signal Mirror Product Features:

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Essential Outdoor Survival Tool- Outdoor activities and floating signal mirror, when the weather is clear, the signal can travel over 100 kilometers, signals are visible from miles away even in hazy weather
Multifunctional, Practical And Indestructible Quality- Built-in with other outdoor essential “WHISTLE”, which it’s used in emergencies and get you out of danger as soon as possible. The mirror made by high quality acrylic, has excellent toughness and breakage-proof performance, super durable and portable design
Suitable For All Kinds Of Environments- Built in precision aiming system, it will be your good partner of outdoor adventure, it can also be used normally on cloudy days or at night when there are lights
Very Important- A survival signal mirror is an essential option in any survival kit, one of the five elements of outdoor survival is the signal generator. There is a consensus among survival experts around the world that anyone who is engaged in remote outdoor activities should carry a signal mirror and survival whistle!





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