Emergency Survival Kit 37 in 1, Survival Gear Tool Kit SOS Survival Tool Emergency Blanket Tactical Pen Flashlight Pliers Wire Saw for Wilderness Camping Hiking First Aid Survival Kit for Earthquake

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Check Out Emergency Survival Kit 37 in 1, Survival Gear Tool Kit SOS Survival Tool Emergency Blanket Tactical Pen Flashlight Pliers Wire Saw for Wilderness Camping Hiking First Aid Survival Kit for Earthquake. See Great Survival Kits By CHAREADA.

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Emergency Survival Kit 37 in 1, Survival Gear Tool Kit SOS Survival Tool Emergency Blanket Tactical Pen Flashlight Pliers Wire Saw for Wilderness Camping Hiking First Aid Survival Kit for Earthquake

Survival Kit Product Features:

MUST HAVE SURVIVAL KIT: CHAREADA 37 in 1 Upgraded survival gear kit includes 16pcs emergency survival kit 14pcs medical supplies and 6pcs fishing tools to better suit your needs. The all in one survival kit includes tactical folding knife, wire saw, flashlight, tactical defense pen, fire starter, compass, emergency blanket, folding pliers, whistle, saber card, bottle clip, carabiner, 6pcs fishing tools and 14 in 1 medkit, etc.
WELL MADE SURVIVAL TOOL: 17pcs survival kit included to survive in the wilderness. Cold steel tactical knife for cutting; 3 modes Flashlight for bringing enough light; Dual-tube whistle for attracting attention by producing volume up to 120 db; Wire Saw for cutting wood or bone; Multi-function pliers for fixing; Thermal blanket for retain 90% of body heat; There are also raincoat, bottle buckle, fire starter, carabiner, paracord bracelet, compass, tactical pen for emergency situations.
COMPREHENSIVE BASIC SUPPLIES: 14pcs medical supplies for dressing bloody wound temporarily. PBT Bandages and wound pads are for protecting the wound from exposure, bandage triangulaire is for binding and holding your wound especially when bone is broken accidently; Cotton bud is for cleaning the blood on wound surface. Plus, the medkit includes also tweezers, scissors and pins, medical tape, etc. There are 6pcs fishing tools, which including 2 fishing hooks, 2 fishing lures , 2 fishing lines.
COMPACT & WATERPROOF: Dimensions is 10.6×4.3×2.7 inch, Weighs just around 1.98 lb, which is suitable for place in the backpack. The shell of the storage box is constructed of high quality ABS material for longer duration. The inside was filled with sponge to fix the position of the multi-tool survival kit. Lightweight, compact and waterproof for easily carrying. Perfect for camping, hiking, and wilderness adventure.
NECESSARY SOS EQUIPMENT: The multi-purpose survival gear kits contains everything you need when there is any emergency situation occurs like natural disaster or wilderness adventure. Perfectly fits for people who loves hiking, hunting, wilderness survival, etc. Great gift idea for outdoor adventurer, hiker, camper. If you have any issues, please dont hesitate to contact CHAREADA for fast and prompt reply.
Unexpected Emergency Situations Always Come Suddenly and Sometimes Mess Things Up
Why Choose CHAREADA 37 in 1 Survival Gear Kits
— Survival Tools + First Aid Kit + Fishing Tools
— Different Multi-functional Tools
— Light weight & Easy Carrying
— Safe & Useful with Many Times Testing
1* Tactical Folding Knife
— The 5 in 1 knife comes with serrated blade, and works as bottle opener, belt clip, seat belt cutter and glass breaker.
1* Rain Coat
— 100% Water Proof,one size fit all. with attached hood. Compact easy storage, fits in you pocket or even in your wallet.
Size: 80*50 inch
1* Multi-function Pliers
— Flat nose pliers, large slotted bit, phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, carpenters saw, slotted screwdriver, can opener knife filer, folding saw, fish scaler, ruler, cutters,stripper, double sided nail file, hook remover.
2* Wire Saw
— The metal wire saw is for cutting wood, plastic, bone, rubber and soft metal, fit for camping
1* Tactical Water Bottle Buckle
— Convenient key chain clip for hanging water bottle while climbing, traveling, hiking
2* Carabiner
— Attach to the backpack, handbag or use it as key chains, bottle holder
1* First Aid Kit
— To meet your needs and optimize for a large variety of injuries. Have basic first aid items gathered ahead of time to help you handle an emergency.
1* Fishing Tool Kit
— It includes 2 fishing hooks, 2 fishing lures , 2 fishing lines

1* Fire Starter
— To start fire for cooking or warm yourself in cold weather, 5000-12000 times to flint fire.
1* Saber Card
— 11-in-1 survival tool works as Can Opener, Bottle Cap Opener, Screwdriver, Knife Edge, Saw Blade, Ruler, etc
1* Paracord Bracelets – The emergency paracord bracelet is a compact and tactical survival bracelet that comes packed with all the necessary features you need.
1* Tactical Defense Pen
— The tungsten steel pen is for writing, self-defense or breaking window and glass, etc
1* Thermal Blanket
— Retain body heat or work as extra layer while in cold weather, also can pitch the tent in rainy day.
Size: 51*83 inch
1* Whistle
— The double tubes whistle provides up to 120 decibels, which is able to be heard at long distance.
1* Compass
— For easy navigation & orienteering, which will help you not lose the way.
1* Zoom-able Tactical Flashlight
— 3 modes flashlight (high / low / strobe): zoom in for intense beam or zoom out for wider illumination.
NOTE: 1 AA battery required (NOT INCLUDED)

Great Gift Idea for People Who Loves Wilderness Survival, Camping, Climbing, Hiking, Hunting, etc.
Fits for Wilderness Survival
While you are in the wild, the wire saw can be used to cut the dry wood; Fire starter can start fire; And the folding knife can help us grab some fruits or cut meat.
Fits for Camping
For camping with friends or families, flashlight can bring enough brightness; Defense pen can be used to write down something; And thermal blanket can be used to retain 90% body heat or pitch the tent.
Fits for Fishing
When lack of food during survival, the fishing tools included in this survival kit will be useful for offering you enough food.
2 fishing hooks + 2 fishing lures + 2 fishing lines

Get One For Yourself
Waterproof and Shockproof
Easy to keep it in Backpack or Car
With Lanyard for Hanging
Package Dimensions: 10.6×4.3×2.7 inches
Item Weight: 1.98 pounds





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