Essential Value Personal Water Filter – Perfectly Sized Water Straw with Bottle Attachment Technology – Excellent for Hiking | Backpacking | Camping & Emergency Water Survival Situations

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Check Out Essential Value Personal Water Filter – Perfectly Sized Water Straw with Bottle Attachment Technology – Excellent for Hiking | Backpacking | Camping & Emergency Water Survival Situations. See Great Survival Water Filters and Purifiers By Essential Value.

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Essential Value Personal Water Filter – Perfectly Sized Water Straw with Bottle Attachment Technology – Excellent for Hiking | Backpacking | Camping & Emergency Water Survival Situations
Essential Values Personal Water Filter does just that, it quickly filters water easily and safely. Ideal for Hiking, Camping, Emergencies, Survival Traveling, & even Family outings our product works flawlessly for open bodies of water, rivers, lakes, and even containers. With its innovative connector design, our filter makes it easier than ever to use! Also, ultra-light weight, take your personal water filter on the go wherever water may be unsafe to drink due to contamination by bacteria or parasites. You will be glad you had it!
Essential Values Personal Water Filter Multi-Functionality:
Connection Extension Made Perfect for Lakes, Rivers, and Other Fresh Bodies of Water!
Connect ability to most Water, Pop & Soda Bottles
Connects safely to Most Water Bags
The Ultimate Outdoor Water Filter Survival Straw!
5 Year Shelf Life
Made from BPA Free Materials
Filters upto 395 Gallons
.10 Micron Filter
Caution: Please discontinue use if you notice damage to your device. Do not attempt o replace any damaged parts. Please read instructions & legal disclaimer carefully before use. in dry conditions at temperature below 30 elsius / 86 ° Fahrenheit. Personal Water Filter will no longer filter when the product has reached the end of its working life. Inability to sip water through Personal Water Filter Indicates that the product needs to be replaced.
Directions for Use:
1. Open package and remove Personal Water Filter
2. Place filter bottom into water and/or screw bottle onto Personal Water Filter
3. Apply suction 3-5 times to allow the water to reach mouthpiece before use
Tip: Blow through mouthpiece to get a better flow rate before each use

Survival Water Filter Product Features:

BEST VALUE & QUALITY: Our Essential Values Personal Water Filter has been built with the most advanced technology allowing for just .10-micron pore filtration with a staggering Flow Rate of 18 oz Per Minute. Reduce unwanted impurities & keep water taste desirable ANY WHERE, ANY PLACE, ANY TIME!
PORTABLE | STURDY | VERSATILE: GAIN FRESH WATER INSTANTLY! Safely drink water with NO SETUP or WAITING TIME! Filters up to 1500 Liters or EQUIVLENT to 3,000 of Disposable Water Bottles with LITTLE TO NO EFFORT – JUST SUCTION
5 YEAR SHELF LIFE: Not just BUILT TO LAST BUT BUILT FOR SURVIVAL. Our Water Filter Straw is durable and made for the toughest environments. Withstand the test of time, for temperatures ranging from 32-90° Degrees. Removes up to 99.99% of BACTERIA & PROTOZOA when used as DIRECTED!
4 STAGE FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY: Made from markets finest plastics, our BPA Free Design is a perfect solution to your WATER SURVIVAL EMERGENCIES. Safely drink from lakes, rivers, streams, & even tap water without the fear of dehydration & dirty water. 4 Stages DESIGN made from UF Membrane, PP Cotton Filter, Activated Carbon & OTHER Non-Toxic Filtering Particles
60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We Believe in Our Customers & Stand by ALL Our Products. Tested and Designed in USA *NOTE: This is an aftermarket replacement product produced by Essential Values, Inc. Essential Values has no affiliation with or endorsement from manufacturers mentioned. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT KILL OR REMOVE VIRUSES.





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