KITPIPI Survival Gear Kit 27 Pieces Outdoor Survival Tool Emergency Camping Gear with Compass Flintstones Saber Card Styptic for Adventure Outdoors Sport Best Gift for Men Boys

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Check Out KITPIPI Survival Gear Kit 27 Pieces Outdoor Survival Tool Emergency Camping Gear with Compass Flintstones Saber Card Styptic for Adventure Outdoors Sport Best Gift for Men Boys. See Great Survival Kits By KITPIPI.

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KITPIPI Survival Gear Kit 27 Pieces Outdoor Survival Tool Emergency Camping Gear with Compass Flintstones Saber Card Styptic for Adventure Outdoors Sport Best Gift for Men Boys

Survival Kit Product Features:

MULTIPLE SURVIVAL GEAR KIT: 27 pieces emergency survival kit contain 10*Band-Aid, 4*Alcohol Pad, 1*Multi-function Hook Card, 1*Multi-function Saber Card, 1*Tactical Knife, 1*Tactical Pen, 1*Wire Saw, 1*Emergency Blanket, 1*Flintstones, 1*Mini Light, 1*Flashlight(NO BATTERY INCLUDED ), 1*Bottle Holder, 1*Compass, 1*Whistle, all products are concentrated in 1*Black Waterproof Box.
Lightweight and Waterproof: The KITPIPI survival kit measures 6.3 x 4. 3 x 1.9 inches and the weight just around 1.2lb. The box is made of high-quality plastic with a layer of sponge inside, which is both waterproof and shockproof. All survival gears are packed in one box, lightweight and easy to carry, it is convenient to place in a backpack, pocket or car.
The Particular of this KITPIPI survival kit contains a unique fishhook card, which contains 22 fishing and hunting tools, including fishhook, fishing fork, trap buckle and more. There are also 10 styptics and 4 alcohol pads for simple medical treatment. This Extremely Useful Kit is used to deal with any emergency in outdoor activities.
High-Quality and Useful: The multi-purpose survival kit includes a tactical knife for cutting; a tactical pen can be used for writing, self-defense or breaking automobile glass; thermal blanket retains 90% body temperature; wire Saw for cutting wood, etc. This outdoor survival kit very suitable for camping, mountain climbing, hiking, etc.
A cool Interesting gift for men boys who are interested in adventure or family who is prepping for camping or hiking. This is an important practical tool for improving survival ability. We provide friendly customer support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to make you satisfied.
Suitable for camping
When you are camping in the wilds, Flintstones can start fire; Wire Saw can cut wood; Thermal Blanket can be used to retain 90% body heat; Tactical Knife Help you grab some fruits or cut meat. Band-aids and Alcohol Pads are used for simple treatment of small wounds.
Suitable for hiking
For hiking with friends or families, Bottle Holder can clip the water bottle and hang it on the bag; Compass can help you find your way around and avoid getting lost; Whistles make high-decibel calls for help in response to an emergency.
Suitable for fishing
The Multi-function Hook Card can satisfy you to get more food in outdoor activities, 22-in-1 Hook Card include Fish Hook, Saw Blade, Arrow, Fishgig, needle, Trap buckle and more. The used pieces can bed for reuse even after disassembly.
Product Parameter
Product size: 6.3 x 4. 3 x 1.9 inches
Net Weight: 1.2lb
The flashlight dont contain AA batteries!!
Don’t immerse the survival kit in water!!
What You Will Get
10*Band-Aid 4*Alcohol Pad
-Used in the treatment of small wound, can disinfect and bleeding.
1*Emergency Blanket
-Water-repellent and wind-resistant reusable material. It can retain 90% of body heat and prevent hypothermia or shock when outdoors.
1*Multi-function Hook Card
-22-in-1 hook card include fish hook, saw blade, arrow, fishgig, sewing needle, trap buckle, conical needle,etc
1*Multi-function Saber Card
-11-in-1 survival tool works as Can Opener, Cap Opener, Screwdriver, 4-Position wrench, Butterfly wrench, Knife Edge, Saw Blade, Ruler, etc
1*Tactical Knife
-Help you grab some fruits or cut meat.Pocket clip for easy carry.
1*Tactical Pen
-Made from tungsten steel for writing, self-defense or breaking window and glass, escape in an emergency situation.
1*Wire Saw
-Used to cut wood, plastic, bone, and rubber
-Fire for heating/cooking. 5000-12000 times to flint fire with Flint /Cap Opener/Ruler 3 functions.
-3 light modes – High/Low/strobe. Telescopic adjusting range of lighting
1*Mini Light
-Small size convenient to carry, also can be used as a key ring.
1*Bottle Holder
-Convenient clip for hanging water bottles while climbing, traveling, hiking.
-360-degree rotating bezel easy navigation and directional movement, help you avoid getting lost. The compass glows in the dark and is suitable for use in low-light environments.
-Double tube whistles can provide up to 120 decibels of sound, can be heard at a long distance.
1*Black Waterproof Box.
-All products are concentrated in a black waterproof box.





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