Leabertee Multifunctional Zinc Alloy Classic Compass for Hiking, Camping, Motoring, Boating, Backpacking, Gift and Collection

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Check Out Leabertee Multifunctional Zinc Alloy Classic Compass for Hiking, Camping, Motoring, Boating, Backpacking, Gift and Collection. See Great Survival Compasses By Leabertee.

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Leabertee Multifunctional Zinc Alloy Classic Compass for Hiking, Camping, Motoring, Boating, Backpacking, Gift and Collection
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“Quality first, customers foremost” is the service tenet that we Leabertee adhere to all the time. We are passionate about providing high quality, cost-effective price and perfect customer service. We are happy that youre happy.
Product Description
Compass symbolizes direction and exploration. It is great ideal for hiking, camping, orienteering, boating, emergency, survival and scouting. But there are other highlights for this lovely pocket compass: Gift-ware and collection!
1.Identify north: Place the compass horizontally, the green arrow refers to the north.
2. Correct the direction of map: Put the map flat, and make the north mark on the map coincides with the N-pointer of compass, then the orientation of your map is correct.
3. Determine your own exact location based on landmarks and maps: Select two visible landmarks in different directions and measure the azimuth. The intersection of these two azimuth extensions on the map is where you are.
4. You can view the azimuth scale clearly and accurately through the small magnifier on the side of compass.
1. Use in a horizontal state to ensure accuracy.
2. Put it in a ventilated, dry place to avoid mold.
3. Use a flannel to wipe the compass to keep it clean.
4. Keep at a distance from the barbed wire and magnetic objects to avoid pointing errors.

Survival Compass Product Features:

RETRO DESIGN: Classic cover with Statue of Liberty and World Map.
WATERPROOF & SHAKEPROOF: Works well in all weather conditions as the fully sealed design.
PRECISE & FAST: Uses special materials with floating compass dial to improve the sensitivity and precision. This lovely compass will always lead you in the right direction.
A VARIETY OF SUITABLE OCCASIONS: Ideal for all outdoor activities just like camping, hiking, scouting, boating, backpacking etc. If youre an outdoor person, the one fits you!
GIFTWARE: The retro design and solidly built make it a great gift for family or friends.





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