Life Defender Elite Pump Filter – .01 4 Stage Filtration Protection for Parasite, Protozoa and Select viruses

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Check Out Life Defender Elite Pump Filter – .01 4 Stage Filtration Protection for Parasite, Protozoa and Select viruses. See Great Survival Water Filters and Purifiers By Life Defender.

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Life Defender Elite Pump Filter – .01 4 Stage Filtration Protection for Parasite, Protozoa and Select viruses

Survival Water Filter Product Features:

HIGHEST LEVEL OF FILTRATION ON THE MARKET – We care about your water so we don’t have 3 stages of filtration like others, but 4 stages. This extra stage of filtration ensures that the water you are drinking is safe in camping and surival gear situations.
HIGHEST FLOW RATE – LifeDefender Elite takes less time to produce safe drinking water. With a flow rate of 700 ml, that is an industry high for similar filters. That’s 40% faster than other leading backpacking filters on the market.
WE INCLUDE MORE – Also included is a paracord survival bracelet and mylar emergency blanket. It’s not the reason you are buying a LifeDefender pump filter, but its our way to say thank you for putting your trust in us.
FINEST LEVEL OF FILTRATION – Our high quality camping and surival filters are designed to filter down to .01 microns. That is intended to filter out parasites, bacteria, Protozoa, heavy metals and select viruses. You can go overseas or in the backcountry confident that you won’t get sick.
CUSTOMER SERVICE – Rest assured that your purcahse is backed by a company that cares after the sale. If you experience any problems, reach out to us immediately and we will address. As a family owned business, customer service is important to us.
The Life Defender Portable Water Filtration System utilizes a 4 Stage Filtration Process that will remove bacteria from even the filthiest water in minutes. Its activated carbon replaceable filter will filter up to 793 Gallons of water before it needs to be replaced making it easy for you to take with you on long journeys. It has been constructed with the highest quality materials that are BPA Free and Chemical Free so that you can have peace of mind that you are drinking the purest water possible.
The Life Defender Portable System has a super fast flow rate of 1400ml/minute so that you can get purified water when you need it fast! This filtration system removes 99.9% Protozoan Cysts (including Giardia), 99.9999% of Aquatic Bacteria (including E Coli), heavy metals, and residual chlorine leaving you with the purest water possible while out in the wilderness or on the go!
The LifeDefender Water Filtration System utilizes a four step process to provide you with the purest water. The process uses medical grade materials such as:
1) Medical Grade PP Cotton
2) Coconut Shell Activated Carbon,
3) High Quality Activated Carbon Fiber
4) Medical Grade Hollow Fiber UF Membrane.
Our process is the most advanced and highest quality portable water purification system on the market.
The Life Defender Water Filtration System is perfect to keep with you in case of an emergency while out in the wilderness for survival purposes. It can also be helpful after a natural disaster such as an earthquake, fire, hurricane, or tornado to keep your pure water flowing.
This lightweight portable filtration system is perfect for hiking, backpack, camping, river rafting, and many other outdoor activities. Keep your system in your backpack so that you have a constant flow of pure water without having to carry heavy water pouches.
TRAVEL: Our water filtration system is the perfect system for travel to keep you healthy on your journey. This kit is perfect to take with you to third world countries or areas where the water supply is not pure enough to drink. Using this as a precaution while traveling will save you a lot of pain and sickness so that you can enjoy your trip.
As a part of the survival package, we are including an emergency blanket and paracord bracelet so that you are fully prepared in the event of an emergency out in the wilderness.





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