Lightning Strike Mini Fire Starter by Holland

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Lightning Strike Mini Fire Starter by Holland
Whether you are a hiker, camper, hunter or survivalist, Darrell Holland’s Lightning Strike Fire Starter should be one of the first items of survival gear in your backpack. When Mother Nature suddenly turns ugly the need for fire in a survival situation becomes critical. Not everyone is an outdoor expert who can build a fire under extreme conditions. This fire starter has everything you need to start a fire in virtually any outdoor environment. There are many fire starters on the market. Most will work most of the time, but is that good enough The features designed into the Lightning Strike work all the time, every time. Is it expensive Many will say yes, but in a real survival situation cost becomes pretty much irrelevant. Watch this amazing real life U Tube demonstration Light My Fire Scout 2.0 Swedish Fire Steel Review of another fire starter used under extreme conditions. Now decide which you would want in your pack when you are hypothermic and every minute counts. Your focus quickly changes to what is quick, easy, and dependable. The Lightning Strike is designed for ease of use, performance and reliability. A tool you can count on when the chips are down in a real world survival situation. This fire starter is made in America and designed with good old fashioned American ingenuity. So, the question becomes, what is your peace of mind worth, as well as those who wait for your safe return. Now is the time to put the best fire starter on the planet in your backpack. You are going to love the Lightning Strike!

Survival Fire Starter Product Features:

The new Mini Lightning Strike is a smaller, lighter version of our standard Lightning Strike. It is the ideal tool where size and weight are a major consideration. Made in the USA, the anodized machined aluminum housing is only 5.5″ long by 1 in diameter and weighs in at 3.25 oz. including tinder.
The Mini Lightning Strike is available in Black Ops, Dark Blue, Fiery Red & Forrest Green. The housing is anodized aluminum 5.5″ long by 1″ in diameter and weighs in at 3.25 oz. including tinder. The storage handle comes pre-loaded with enough tinder for about a dozen fires and is sealed with a waterproof cap. Tinder refills are availa
The ferrocerium rod generates a large quantity of sparks. It is locked in the barrel of the Lightning Strike with a set screw and can be replaced or rotated when one side becomes worn. The barrel design contains and directs the sparks so they are concentrated at your tinder. A slot or groove in the barrel allows you to slide the striker along the Ferro rod, but at the same time it provides a stop so your striker does not disrupt the tinder pile.
The striker, when not in use, inserts into the barrel for storage. It is held in place with a shock cord. attached to the cap. No chance of dropping the striker in the snow or loosing it on the ground when its getting dark. It’s always attached by the shock cord The Lightening Strike can also be used even if one hand is injured. Place it on the ground, Hold down with one foot. Put the tinder at the end of the barrel and strike. You will have a fire.





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