Moorhaus D2 Bowie with Leather Sheath

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Check Out Moorhaus D2 Bowie with Leather Sheath. See Great Fixed Blade Survival Knives By Moorhaus.

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Fixed Blade Survival Knife Product Details:

Moorhaus D2 Bowie with Leather Sheath

Fixed Blade Survival Knife Product Features:

Moorhaus D2 Bowie Knife
You will receive a handmade genuine leather sheath.
This knife measures 15.5″ – a beast!
This knife is made with D2 Tool Steel tempered to 60-62 HRC.
Buy with confidence with a hassle free 30 day money back guarantee.

About Survival Knives

When your existence depends on them, survival knives are crafted for strenuous problems. They are tough use tools and can be put to work for cutting, pulling objects apart, whittling, self-defense, and lots of other tasks. The Moorhaus D2 Bowie with Leather Sheath can potentially function as a survival knife in certain situations.

Components of a Knife

The main parts of the knife are the blade, hilt, handle, tang, and pommel or butt. The tang is the piece of metal that runs the whole length of the knife from pommel to tip. The pommel or butt is at the back of the knife (end facing the cutter when held typically in hand).

Fixed Blade VS Folding Survival Knives

There are several assorted types of knives including fixed blades and folding knives. Common fixed blade knives consist of full-length outdoor knives, survival knives, battle knives, and kitchen knives. Folding knives are more compact than fixed blade knives and quickly carried in a pocket for every-day-carry (EDC). The way the blade folds into the handle makes it a practical choice for smaller sized pocket knives.

Moorhaus Knife Blade Care and Maintenance

Moorhaus knives must be cared for and maintained appropriately to increase their functional life as a cutting tool. Blade maintenance includes occasionally honing the edge with a whetstone, grinder, or diamond sharpener and rubbing the blade down with a light coat of oil.

Knife Laws and Bladed Weapon Carry Laws

Many states, regions, and areas have regulations about wearing knives and bladed weapons. Some of these weapon related laws might apply to the Moorhaus D2 Bowie with Leather Sheath. The laws depend on things like the kind of knife, how the knife is carried, the blade length, and possession areas where the knife is carried. There are a few basic guidelines you can follow when carrying a blade.

Be careful possessing knives which are concealed since this categorizes the knife as a concealed carry weapon (CCW). Some states have guidelines restricting specific things like blade lengths over 3 inches. For fixed blade knives, carry them on your belt when you are working outside, outdoor camping, fishing, or out adventuring in the outdoors.

For folding blade knives, once again beware of possessing folding blade lengths over 3 inches concealed. Look into getting a CCW license if your region or state mandates it. Knives which have assisted opening abilities or auto openers are normally limited.

Be careful possessing knives in locations around federal government buildings, educational institutions, and public gatherings. The majority of special occasions like sporting events, county fairs, and shows do not allow knives of any kind and security will seize them upon entry.

Frequently Asked Knife Questions:

Question: Is the Moorhaus brand a good quality knife brand?
Answer: Yes, the Moorhaus brand makes decent quality knives and cutting tools which are good for the majority of cutting tasks.

Question: How should I care for my Moorhaus knife?
Answer: Moorhaus knives ought to be sharpened after use, oiled regularly, and kept in good working order.

Question: Can the Moorhaus D2 Bowie with Leather Sheath be used as a survival knife?
Answer: Survivalism is an application for knives and cutting instruments. The Moorhaus D2 Bowie with Leather Sheath can potentially be used for survival scenarios in addition to many other cutting jobs.

Question: How should I hone the Moorhaus D2 Bowie with Leather Sheath blade?
Answer: Using a whetstone is one of the best conventional ways to sharpen the blade on your Moorhaus D2 Bowie with Leather Sheath. Other ways like using an auto sharpener will also work to keep the cutting edge sharp and refined.

Question: Is the Moorhaus D2 Bowie with Leather Sheath legal in my state?
Answer: It depends, inspect regional blade length laws for your state. The length of the Moorhaus D2 Bowie with Leather Sheath blade may be legal depending upon how it is carried and where you live.

Question: Can I carry this knife concealed?
Answer: Inspect your state for edged weapon concealed carry laws (CCW). You might need to have a license to carry the knife or it might need to be under a specific blade length like sub 3.5 inches.





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