Ninja Outdoorsman Emergency Fire Starter Multi Tool with Compass and Whistle

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Check Out Ninja Outdoorsman Emergency Fire Starter Multi Tool with Compass and Whistle. See Great Survival Fire Starters By Ninja Outdoorsman.

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Ninja Outdoorsman Emergency Fire Starter Multi Tool with Compass and Whistle
Don’t want to be left out in the cold
Want a reliable and efficient way to keep warm
The Ninja Outdoorsman Emergency Fire Starter with Compass and Whistle is for you!!
This fire starter tool will last well over 12,000 strikes and with a spark that burns at 3000 (5,500°F)
The whistle sends out a high pitch sound at 120+ decibels to scare off wildlife or to help be found in a survival situation
The compass provides an accurate source of direction to keep you moving towards your destination.
Don’t waste your time and money on smaller strikers. Ours is large enough to get a good grip with gloves on!
Directions for fire starter use:
1. Gather kindling and tinder for your fire.
2. Shave magnesium from your fire starter rod onto the pile of tinder with serrated edge of striker.
3. Strike down on rod with striker to create spark and ignite tinder.
4. Feed flame with smaller sticks without smothering flame.

Survival Fire Starter Product Features:

LARGE HOT SPARK: This fire starter has a magnesium rod that will last over 12,000 strikes and a serrated edged steel striker. A large spark can easily be created that burns at 3000 (5,500°F) in wet and dry conditions
WHISTLE AND COMPASS: High pitch whistle sends out 120+ decibels of sound that can be heard over ambient noise such as traffic and other environmental sounds. Can be used for search and rescue or to scare away wildlife. A highly magnetized compass needle and super low friction bearing provide for an accurate directional indicator to point you in the right direction
PERFECT SIZE AND EASY USE: Dont waste your money on small fire starters that you can barely hold in your hands with gloves on. Our magnesium rod is almost 5 in length and our striker is almost 3 which provides for a solid grip with or without gloves
UNSTOPPABLE BY ANY WEATHER: You will never have to worry about flimsy or wet matches failing you when you need to make a fire. Ours fire striker is wind, snow, and weather resistant. The starter strikes quickly and easily during any weather
GREAT GIFT AND RESOURCE: Great for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or any other survival situation where you may get stuck out in the cold. Small and compact size allow for storage in backpack, pocket, tacklebox or car. Great gift for any outdoorsman.





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