Outdoor Survival Compass Multifunctional Military Map Sighting Lensatic Compass, Waterproof and Shakeproof for Adventure Hiking Camping with Pouch

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Check Out Outdoor Survival Compass Multifunctional Military Map Sighting Lensatic Compass, Waterproof and Shakeproof for Adventure Hiking Camping with Pouch. See Great Survival Compasses By Anyow.

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Outdoor Survival Compass Multifunctional Military Map Sighting Lensatic Compass, Waterproof and Shakeproof for Adventure Hiking Camping with Pouch
Even people who have a good sense of direction find it difficult to find a place in a strange place.
Lexbo Professional Military Compass,fine workmanship and easy to carry.
Cooperate with maps, know their position at any time, not only can be used in sports, of adventure,
camping and also applicable to the geological, mining, forestry, and tourism, is a directional, coarse essential tools.
1.Fluorescent light need absorb enough sunshine. Longer time shine the fluorescent powder, fluorescent light can use longer, so we suggest sunlight or strong flashlight shine 20 minutes.
2. Use in horizontal condition to ensure accuracy.
3. In order to avoid derangement of the magnetic needle, please keep a certain distance from the barbed wire and the magnetic object.
4. Should be closed when not in use, and should not be placed near ferromagnetic substance to avoid loss of magnetism.
Product features:
A. Thermally elastic liquid-filled capsule with floating dial.
B. Rotating bezel ring.
C. Centimeter scale & Inch scale on each side.
D. Built-in bubble level.
E. Folding thumb ring.
F. Tripod screw hole on base.
G. Adjustable diopter sighting lens.
H. Sighting lines on cover.
I. Conversion chart for angle, gradient & distance on back plate.
J. Fluorescent dial circle & Fluorescent pointer,english with directions.
K. Water-resistant nylon pouch: It is easy to carry and can better protect the compass. There is a design behind the nylon pouch, which can be worn on a belt.
Color: Army green
Material: Metal
Product size: 3.34*2.47*1.18inch (folded). 6.36*2.47*0.78inch (unfolded)
Product weight: approx. 175g
Package contents:
-1x Lexbo Lensatic Compass
-1x Pouch
-1x Lanyard
-1x User guide in English

Survival Compass Product Features:

SPECIALLY DESIGNED FLUORESCENT FEATURE:The dial circle and pointer can show the fluorescence effect after absorbing enough light/sunshine,so even when night falls, you can still soldier on.On the base with a tripod screw hole, adjustable refractive sight, and the line of sight on cover.
COMPLETELY WATERPROOF AND SHAKEPROOF:Vacuum oil-type waterproof damping dial. In the harsh environment, the pointer is also stable.Suitable for motoring, camping, boating, scouting, mountaineering, hiking, hunting and other outdoor activities.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN:Using high-strength engineering body,solid and lightweight that can work in extreme weather conditions.
VERSATILE MEASUREMENT TOOL:Gives accurate readings for directions; conversion chart for angle, gradient & distance on the back plate; ruler units on the sides measuring inches & centimeters.
PORTABLE:Compact and light weight(approx:3.34*2.47*1.18in / Lanyard: 18″), easy to handle,pouch and lanyard make it easy to carry around.





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