Prepared Hope ESSENTIALS Emergency Survival Kit for Camping, Hiking, and Bug-Outs with Backpack Included

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Check Out Prepared Hope ESSENTIALS Emergency Survival Kit for Camping, Hiking, and Bug-Outs with Backpack Included. See Great Survival Kits By Prepared Hope.

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Prepared Hope ESSENTIALS Emergency Survival Kit for Camping, Hiking, and Bug-Outs with Backpack Included
-Emergency Whistle
-Paracord Bracelet
-Safety Glasses
-Dust Mask
-Toothbrush and Toothpaste
-Light sticks
-Emergency Blanket
-FM/AM Radio
-Disposable Work Gloves
-Emergency Food (800 Calories)
-Emergency Water (12 OZ)
21 Piece First Aid Kit + Latex Medical Gloves
– (2) Extra-strength non-aspirin tablets
– (1) First aid guide
– (5) 3/4″x3″ Adhesive plastic bandages
– (5) 3/8″x1-1/2″ Junior plastic bandages
– (1) 1-1/2″x1-1/2″ Patch plastic bandage
– (2) Butterfly wound closures
– (3) BZK antiseptic towelettes (sting free)
– (1) Antibiotic ointment pack
– (1) Set of non-latex medical gloves
Too many people die every year simply because they are not prepared. Prepared Hope is built on the dedication to provide families with the ability and tools to prepare their family for anything that might come their way.
This bag was specifically designed as a low cost, but essential piece of equipment for every person to have somewhere close by. Perfect for homes and cars! You don’t have to have a doomsday scenerio for this to be use. If disaster happens, these tools will be invaluable.
Unfortunately, preparedness cant be an afterthought. Action has to be taken today.
Some things that differ from our bags and other bags, besides the cheaper price, is that we dont provide the tasteless MRE’s. We provide flavored calorie bars. Unlike 3 day survial kits (72 hour backpacks), we plan for one day emergencies or adventures. Therefore it is great for military, tactical, hunting, or hiking as it won’t be heavy with uneeded items.

Survival Kit Product Features:

UNIVERSAL KIT – This is our universal, inexpensive kit for everything. This is the kit you need to have under every family members bed, in every car, and ready for any situation. We include a radio, a small flashlight, water, food, paracord bracelet, mask, 21 piece first aid kit, knife, emergency blanket, glow sticks, whistle, toothbrush, toothpaste … and more.
IMMEDIATE PREPAREDNESS – This is NOT a multi-day or multi-person kit. This is a need-to-find-safety kit. This kit is designed for the person to survive, and then find some sort of help or shelter as soon as possibleespecially if you are stuck in rubble or pinned needing help. Not just for prepping or preppers. For the whole family.
INEXPENSIVE – To avoid high costs of the bag, we do not include 30 survival knives or 50 worth of emergency food. Our goal is for every house to have at least one bag, and ideally for every bed in the house to have a bag. We know that emergencies are usually not something someone thinks about until they actually happen – and then it is too late. By keeping cost low, families can afford protection. And a lot of it!
USES – Great for backpacking, hunting, hiking, camping, or just to have by your side when sleeping. It can make a cool men’s birthday gift or for the army / military guy in your life. Not only that, but you help others as well! 10% of all profits of this bag go directly to someone in the US who is in need from a disaster. We donate to families who need help during their time of need. For each bag you purchase, part of your money will go to them.
COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Let us know if for any reason if you are not satisfied with the product and we will do anything we can to make it right. Just send us an email any time with any concerns, feedback, and updates. We love our customers! You are truly our number #1 priority!





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