Procamptek Fire Plugs – 50 Count

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Check Out Procamptek Fire Plugs – 50 Count. See Great Survival Fire Starters By Procamptek.

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Procamptek Fire Plugs – 50 Count
Procamptek Fire Plugs are infused with our proprietary wax solution that leaves a protective coating that extends beyond the surface through the entire cotton core. Each plug is very easy to fluff into an effective fire starting tinder that works in all seasons and all weather. Average burn times reported of up to 5 minutes for a single Fire Plug give you plenty of time to fuel your burning tinder. The commonly available cotton tabs fire starters on the market can get the job done…if they dont get too wet, the PROCAMPTEK Fire Plugs are like generic cotton tabs on steroids. Procamptek Fire Plugs works in a variety of bad weather conditions. The 50 pack provides plenty of Fire Plugs to add to all your fire kits and emergency preparedness kits…with enough left over to resupply after use. One single Fire Plug can potentially make multiple fires if cut in half or thirds and used sparingly. Procamptek Fire Plugs are an amazing evolution into the our premium fire starting line of products. There are so many different ways that you can add these plugs into your various kits, the possibilities are endless (see product pictures for ideas). Other than fuel to burn and something that can make a spark, all you need is one tiny Fire Plug to create a fire when needed. You can add Procamptek Fire Plugs to your camping kits, bug out bags, fire kits, hunting kits, car kits, emergency kits, survival kits, backpacking kit, and more. With a 5 minute burn time, you can even light your charcoal grill with it! You just met your perfect Komodo Joe and Big Green Egg fire starter…with enough left over to supply your other kits. 1 bag (Approximately 50 Plugs) Material: Next Level Wax Infused Cotton Fire Tinder Tabs Height: 1.1″ Diameter: .4 Total Weight: 9.0 oz

Survival Fire Starter Product Features:

All Seasons/All Weather Wax Infused Cotton Plugs
Easy to Fluff, Extremely Ignitable.
Long Burn Times Up to 5 minutes
Small, Convenient to Carry and Add to Various Kit





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