Ritchie Navagation F-50 Explorer Compass

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Ritchie Navagation F-50 Explorer Compass

Survival Compass Product Features:

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Compass features 2 3/4 inch easy to read Direct Reading Dial
Internal Green Night Illumination; Built-in compensators to easily adjust for deviation
Scientifically matched sapphire jewel & hardened steel pivot Dial movement
Powerful Directive Force Magnets for fast heading lock-on
High temperature composite construction for extended operating range
Comes standard with 12 volt lighting; Movable sun shield
Ritchie Compasses the Worlds Best Marine Compasses
E.S. Ritchie & Sons, Inc. was formed in 1850 by Edward Samuel Ritchie. Today still privately held by the Sherman Family in Pembroke, MA, Ritchie Navigation continues to be the Marine Industry leader in the manufacture of recreational and commercial magnetic compasses. Ritchie products are available to Retailers in 57 countries through 142 Distributors. OEM (original equipment manufactured) Ritchie Parts and Service are available from Ritchie Navigation headquarters and 76 Authorized Service Stations worldwide.
Explorer Compasses
The Explorer flush mount compass from Richie Navigation features a 4 2 3/4″ easy to read direct-reading dial with internal green night illumination. It has built-in compensators to easily adjust for deviation, scientifically matched sapphire jewel & hardened steel pivot dial movement and powerful Directive Force magnets for fast heading lock-on.
Pivot and Jewel Movement
All Ritchie Compasses use a Hardened Steel Pivot and Triple Cup Sapphire Jewel Movement. They are microscopically matched to provide smooth dial operation and fast lock-on, under the most severe conditions. There are no plastic pivots or jewels in Ritchie Compasses.
Internal Green Night Illumination
Ritchie compass come equipped with a high 12 Volt Green Power light, perfect for night excursions.
Gimbal Systems
All Ritchie Compasses are engineered to operate normally within their environment without bottoming out due to the pitch and roll or heel of the boat. An internal gimbaling system is most often applied to provide this important function.
Directive Force Magnets
Ritchie uses special High Gauss Magnets that are field balanced and matched to each compass model, dial style and size. They are attached to the underside of the dial in pairs matched to seek and lock on to magnetic north. This provides superior accuracy and smooth, rapid response.
Navigator Compass Compass, Flush Mount, 3.75″ Combi, Black Ritchie Explorer Compass Dial with Surface Mount and 12V Green Night Lighting Ritchie Navigation SS-1002W Supersport Flush Mount Compass
Directive Force Magnets
Movable Sun Shield
Internal Green Night Illumination
100% Repairable





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