RNS STAR Paracord Survival Bracelet 6-in-1 – Hiking Gear Traveling Camping Gear Kit – 70% Bigger Compass LED SOS Emergency Function Flashlight,Fire Scrapper,Flint Fire Starter,Survival Knife

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Check Out RNS STAR Paracord Survival Bracelet 6-in-1 – Hiking Gear Traveling Camping Gear Kit – 70% Bigger Compass LED SOS Emergency Function Flashlight,Fire Scrapper,Flint Fire Starter,Survival Knife. See Great Survival Compasses By RNS STAR.

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RNS STAR Paracord Survival Bracelet 6-in-1 – Hiking Gear Traveling Camping Gear Kit – 70% Bigger Compass LED SOS Emergency Function Flashlight,Fire Scrapper,Flint Fire Starter,Survival Knife

Survival Compass Product Features:

SURVIVAL CAMPING OUTDOOR EMERGENCY KIT – A Life Saving Gear for Camping and Outdoor Survival Traveling Gear.Parachute Rope,High-Quality Compass, LED SOS Emergency Function Flashlight, Flint Fire Starter Fire Scrapper, use it also as Emergency Knife. Emergency Whistle
SECURED UP TO 500 LB – This Paracord Rope is so Strong and Secured to Take Load Up to 500 LB (227KG).The Best Wrist Size For This Paracord is 9″-10″.Fitable for Men,Women,Girls,Kids
70% BIGGER COMPASS | WHISTLE | FIRE STONE | FIRE STICKS – Those are the Most Important Part’s for Outdoor Survival Camping.We Strongly Focus on Those Area.Most of the Bracelet Uses Cheap Compass,But We Used the Best
BEST FOR GIFT – Birthday, Party, Celebration, EID or Christmas gift, this Product Will Straight from Amazon’s Warehouses All Across the USA, Right on Time. Order Now and be Happy!
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Thinking of building the essentials in wilderness It is imperative for every thrill seeker to have a rescue tool which proves to be a survival in case of emergencies. Our sturdy and light-weight Paracord Bracelet
will surely not only fuel your love for adventures but also help you in crisis. Lets move to the features which would definitely compile your thoughts to our survival bracelet, your step towards extraordinary experiences! BEST SURVIVAL TOOL WITH SAFETY AND SECURITY
Companion at Each Journey!
Three Mode LED Light
Harness the power of light which provide three modes in order to bright up spaces when dark. Click down the button on gadget for lighting LED. You can get a flashing signal by pulling down the button for three inches. Click once again for obtaining S.O.S. signal from flashing signal mode.
Emergency Knife and Whistle
Being proactive in case of catastrophe is important for survival. Our paracord bracelet is teamed up with knife and whistle to rescue you during the emergencies. The whistle and knife are built right into the buckle. Blow the whistle to warn animals or signal during extremities
Excellent Quality Compass
We know the most basic navigation tool for adventurer is compass. Figure out the exact declination with our accurate compass which will head you towards right direction and bring no problem while reaching your destination.
Parachute Cord
The paracord serves a multitude of uses for adventurers. and arachute cord is one of them. It is an adjustable size seven strand cord that suits each wrist size of 9/10. Get in touch with our survival tool and say yes to adventures!
Pre-requisites- Must Know!
Put down some efforts to remove the black pigment around the
magnesium rod. Practice
a bunch of times.
Pull Across Magnesium Rod
Magnesium rod in fire starter is the fuel to get in fire sparks.
Scrape it Hard!
Turn the block around magnesium rod with significant pressure and fast moves
Spark the Blaze!
Once ignited, magnesium burns rapidly. Hence, target it right to help catch the fire effectively.
Distinctive Details
Being a travel freak, if you’re going on an adventure any time soon, a tool for perfect itinerary is necessarily.
To ensure your love for traveling camping, our bracelet would work wonders for your journey. Lets look how-
The paracord rope delivers heavy duty of 500 LB (227KG)
It suits every wrist of 9/10
10.2″ X 1″ X .7″ in size, it is the perfect lightweight survival tool for each adventure
Sharp stainless-steel knife cuts down objects Face up challenges and feed your wanderlust with these travel buddies!





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