Roorkee Instruments India Top Grade Gilbert & Son London Sundial Compass/Perfectly Calibrated Compass

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Check Out Roorkee Instruments India Top Grade Gilbert & Son London Sundial Compass/Perfectly Calibrated Compass. See Great Survival Compasses By Roorkee Instruments India.

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Roorkee Instruments India Top Grade Gilbert & Son London Sundial Compass/Perfectly Calibrated Compass
Description:- Sundial Compass Gilbert & Sons, Brass Antique Finish Beautifully hand crafted & engraved Vintage Brunton Sundial Compass Stone Jeweled needle Finest calibration, top-grade magnets Enclosed in a Handcrafted Rosewood Box / Leather case. Classic Antique finish The compass is an instrument used for navigation. It includes a free-floating magnetized component which, when held level and still, aligns itself with the earth’s magnetic field and in doing so, points approximately north. A sundial compass is a portable sundial attached over a compass via a hinge. There are some adjustable legs that need to be used to level the instrument if not on level ground. The gnome is hinged and needs to be put in the up position where it locks into place. There should be what looks like a protractor that is to the right of the gnome that is on a hinge. That to needs to be flipped up as well. The protractor is used to set the sundial to the correct latitude angle. The compass is to find true north based off of the area’s magnetic north declination. Once the instrument has been leveled, set to the correct latitude, and to true north just observe the shadow that is cast on to the sundial’s face by the gnome. For those in the southern hemisphere, everything is the same except you will want to find true south instead. Note: Colors May Slightly Vary Or May Not, From What You See On Your Monitor With The Actual Piece. This May Be Because Of Monitor Resolution Or Picture Tube Variances. The Image Shown Is Shot From The Master Piece And We Always Ensure We Send You The Exact Shown Colored Product With The Same Workmanship And Prints. Products With Dyeing Work May Have Slight Color Variations.

Survival Compass Product Features:

GILBERT & SON London Nautical Sundial Compass with Indian rose wood case.
The high quality jewelled compass needle settles to North very quickly for timely and accurate readings.
The Perfect Gift for Travelers, Nautical Collector’s and Scout Boy.
Size: – 12.5cm – Dia x 5cm – High (Sundial Compass) 15cm – L x 15cm – W x 7cm – H (Box) (approx)
Manufactured by Roorkee Instruments (INDIA)





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