SE Survivor Series 3-in-1 Orange Firestarter Tool – FS385OR

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SE Survivor Series 3-in-1 Orange Firestarter Tool – FS385OR
Style:Emergency Orange | Color:Orange
The SE Survivor Series 3-in-1 Orange Firestarter Tool is an essential tool for disaster preparedness, emergency and survival kits, hunting, and other outdoor activities. Easily create fire for cooking, warmth, safety, and security. Regular matches can be useless in wet and damp environments. With this reliable lightweight pocket-sized tool, you will always be ready to start a fire. CAUTION: Follow proper fire codes and procedures. Failing to do so may result in injury, death, or environmental damage. The striker may have sharp edges. Do not use whistle near another’s ear. Keep away from children. This is not a toy. SE is committed to providing the customer with the best source for value possible on the market. You will enjoy the quality, function and usefulness of our SE Survivor Series 3-in-1 Orange Firestarter Tool. IPR Rights Notice: Important: Avoid getting counterfeit items. Genuine SE products come with the SE logo on the packaging. SE is a registered trademark protected by US trademark law.

Survival Fire Starter Product Features:

This item is conveniently compact and includes a ferro rod and striker.
The ergonomic design places your thumb in the perfect spot to create the most leverage when gripping the striker.
An integrated whistle is located at the end of the striker case. It is easy to use and be heard/signal.
There is a sturdy split ring to attach this product to carabiners, keys, lanyards, and/or paracords.
This firestarter is great for backpacking, camping, disaster preparedness, emergencies, hiking, survival training, and more.
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An Essential Addition To Your Next Adventure
Be prepared for any adventure or emergency with our 3-In-1 Orange Firestarter Tool! It features a ferrocerium rod and striker, an integrated whistle, and a split ring. Whether you are out camping, hiking, or just on a walk, be prepared for any situation. Easily start a fire with the convenient ferro rod and striker.
Ferro Rod & Striker
Integrated Whistle
Spit Ring
Ergonomic Design
Lightweight & Durable Body
Easily Make A Fire
With the ergonomic design of the striker, making a fire is quick and easy with our firestarter tool. Simply strike the striker across the flint rod to create sparks. Use any nearby dry wood, leaves, paper, or cotton to help create a flame.
Call For Help
The integrated whistle is easy to use and convenient to have. Located at the opposite end of the rod, the whistle is designed right into the firestarter tool.
Take With You Anywhere
Our firestarter tool is perfect for any outdoor adventure or just to have on hand for emergencies. The split ring allows you to easily attach it to multiple places including your keys, backpack, lanyard, and more!





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