Silva 66 OMC Spectra Compass – AW17

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Silva 66 OMC Spectra Compass – AW17
With over 70 years experience manufacturing compasses, were certain Silva can provide you with the right choice for your needs. When youre trying to beat the clock, theres no time to waste figuring out what your compass is saying. Whether orienteering, adventure racing or another competitive situation, you can rely on Silvas Race Series: stable, easy to use, and easy to read. Silva 66 OMC Spectra is the favorite compass to orienteers who prioritize map reading before exact bearing. It is attached to the wrist with an elasticated band leaving both hands free to usehigly appreciated by adventure racers and multisport athletes. Silvas Spectra system together with a fast and stable orange/white compass needle ensures safe and efficient navigation. Designed so you have a greater use of your hands, particularly good if you’re using trekking poles or even wearing thick gloves. Silvas extremely stable Jet needle and Spectra navigation system have been used as they suit this type of compass. The Jet needle has been designed to be very stable and settle very quickly. This will save you time when you stop to check your direction and orientation. Jet needles are also wide and luminous for easy reading. The 66 OMC does not have the traditional compass bezel with degrees marked. Instead it uses the Spectra systems that allow for rough bearings to be used using the 1 dot, 2 dot 3 dot system. Trajectory The easiest way to set a course, is with a simple and safe system used by expeditions, youth organisations, mountain guides, armies, orienteers and other navigators the world over: the Silva 1-2-3 System. 1.Place the compass on the map with the edge of the compass along the desired line of travel. Make sure Direction of Travel arrow points towards your destination. 2.Rotate the compass housing until N on the dial points North on the map. Check that the compass housing red/black North/South lines are parallel with the maps meridians. 3.Hold the co

Survival Compass Product Features:

Extremely fast Jet needle is easy to read
Spectra system is fast and simple
Wrist attached allowing two free hands





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