Silva Compass Trail Run – SS19

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Silva Compass Trail Run – SS19
Silva Compass Trail Run First compass ever developed for trail running. It is, as the name points out, optimized for Trail Running due to its small size and lightweight design. The face of the Trail Run Compass is made from mainly transparent materials which improve the user’s visibility of the map. The corners of the back baseplate have been bevelled. This will allow the plate to sit snugly across the palm instead of causing discomfort. This features also helps to minimise weight and helps to prevent the user being distracted. A Wrist lanyard allows the compass to be fitted around the arm which can free the user’s hands when they are required for other kits and parts of an activity. Another benefit of these materials is that they allow the compass top be superbly lightweight, therefore, preventing the wearer feeling weighed down which could affect their confidence, performance and concentration. The compass comes with a separate Scare card which allows the user to easily and effectively map out their own route on the map. Another key features is the Silva 1-2-3 System. This is a simple three-step navigation guide. Firstly, the user would place the compass on the area map with the Base Plate edge connecting where they are with where they want to go. Secondly, they would set the compass heading by turning the compass Dial until the “N” aligns with Magnetic North (MN) on the map. And finally, the compass would be removed from the map and held level in front of the user with the direction of travel arrow pointing straight ahead. They would then turn their body until the red end of the Needle is directly over the Orienting Arrow, pointing to the “N” on the dial. The Direction of Travel Arrow now points precisely to the destination. Look up, sight on a landmark and walk to it. Repeat this procedure until they reach the destination.

Survival Compass Product Features:

Transparent Face – Increases map visibility.
Bevelled Corners – For a more comfortable use.
Wrist Lanyard – Keeping the compass secure and reachable.
Lightweight – Excellent functionality without weighing the wearer down.
Scale Card – For ease of marking and planning.





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Last update on April 16, 2024 // Source: Amazon API


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