Sisu Outdoors Hand-Finished Ferro Rod Fire Starter | Solid Wood Handle | Multi-Tool Striker | Braided Paracord Lanyard | Survival Firesteel

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Check Out Sisu Outdoors Hand-Finished Ferro Rod Fire Starter | Solid Wood Handle | Multi-Tool Striker | Braided Paracord Lanyard | Survival Firesteel. See Great Survival Fire Starters By Sisu Outdoors.

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Sisu Outdoors Hand-Finished Ferro Rod Fire Starter | Solid Wood Handle | Multi-Tool Striker | Braided Paracord Lanyard | Survival Firesteel
The one and only, hand-finished ferrocerium rod fire starter for use in camping, hiking or survival situations. Where other fire starters fail due to moisture or wind, a traditional ferro rod and striker allow you to survive and thrive in spite of rough conditions. While other ferro rod fire starters are shipped rough and unfinished, ours are finished by hand for exceptional fit and finish. Recommended for use with char cloth, though any suitable tinder will work with our ferro rod striker.

Survival Fire Starter Product Features:

HAND-FINISHED IN THE USA We start with solid wood handles, which we sand, treat with wood conditioner and then a light stain to bring out the wood’s natural beauty. Next, we rub on two coats of Tung oil – a traditional, natural finish – to help seal the woods pores and protect your investment from the elements. Finally, we finish-sand each fire starter for a smooth, comfortable grip. Each one is unique, because each one is finished by us.
HIGH DENSITY FERRO Ferrocerium, commonly known as fire steel, is a man-made material capable of producing sparks in excess of 5,000 °F when struck with steel. Combined with dry tinder or charcloth, the ferrocerium fire starter has been the traditional method of choice for starting a fire rain, wind or shine for over a hundred years. You can count on your ferro rod to throw consistent sparks for over 10,000 strikes.
MULTI-TOOL STRIKER Theres only one thing better than a practical piece of gear, and thats gear that is practical in more ways than one. Our multi-tool steel striker is stamped with a map scale on one side and a 50 MM ruler on the other; a concave, serrated scraper for creating tinder; a flat scraper for generating showers of sparks; a small hex wrench; and, of course, a bottle opener. Because everyone needs a bottle opener.
PARACORD LANYARD We’ll be honest: we think that our braided paracord lanyards look pretty fantastic as they are. However, if you ever find yourself in a survival situation, you can count on at least one length of paracord to lash together shelter, build a snare or sling a broken arm.
100% RECYCLED. 100% RESPONSIBLE All of our packaging from our shipping boxes to our tape and even the ink we print our boxes with is 100% recycled and made from 95% post-consumer content. We care about our Earth first and foremost, and if we cant ship our gear responsibly, we wont ship it at all.





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