Storm World’s Loudest Outdoor, Emergency, Safety, Marine, Police, Underwater, Survival Whistle | Proudly American Made | 3 Whistle Bundle + Koala Lanyards

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Check Out Storm World’s Loudest Outdoor, Emergency, Safety, Marine, Police, Underwater, Survival Whistle | Proudly American Made | 3 Whistle Bundle + Koala Lanyards. See Great Survival Whistles By Koala Lifestyle.

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Storm World’s Loudest Outdoor, Emergency, Safety, Marine, Police, Underwater, Survival Whistle | Proudly American Made | 3 Whistle Bundle + Koala Lanyards
Storm World’s Loudest Outdoor, Emergency, Safety, Marine, Police, Underwater, Survival Whistle | Proudly American Made | 3 Whistle Bundle + Koala Lanyards

Survival Whistle Product Features:

6 ITEM BUNDLE: Includes 3 All Weather Storm American Made Whistles with 3 Koala Quick Release Sports Safety Lanyards
WORLD’S LOUDEST WHISTLE: Tested in excess of 120 Decibles | Heard over a quarter of a mile through trees and over half a mile over water | Even works underwater | When being heard is a matter of life and death, trust Storm Whistles
WORKS UNDERWATER: Great for scuba diving, boating, watersports, and water rescue | Can be heard over 50 feet away underwater | Used by military & law enforcement worldwide including US Navy, US Armed Forces, US Coast Guard, and Police
GOES ANYWHERE: Outdoors: hiking, hunting, camping, kayaking, survival, bear & animal deterrent | Crime Prevention: emergency, survival, policy & military use | Water: watersports, lifeguard, swimming, boat & marine safety | Sports: coaching & training for hockey, volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross country, motorsports racing
KOALA PROMISE: We only sell great products. If you’re not 100% satisfied, contact us for a full refund.
Here’s what you’ll receive:
3x All Weather Storm Safety Whistles with (Pick from Orange, Black, or Yellow in the Color dropdown menu)
3x Koala 3/8″ Tubular Polyester Lanyard with Quick Deploy Safety Buckle and Stainless Universal Fit Lobster Clip
Why buy Koala Lifestyle product bundles
Koala Lifestyle assembles our lifestyle bundles to ensure customers receive only the best of the best products at a killer value. This bundle is composed of 100% authentic All-Weather Storm Whistle products (purchased directly from All-Weather Safety Whistles) and our own awesome Koala Lifestyle Safety Lanyard with Quick Detach Buckle.
You’ll get exactly what’s pictured above when you buy this awesome bundle…
Storm Whistles are Like No Other Whistle You’ve Ever Used Before
Quick Facts
Loudest whistle in the world at 130 db
Easy to hold, ergonomic fit to your hands and to your lips
Environmental compatability, works in, on, and under the water
Ideal for Personal Safety, Scuba Divers, Boaters, Campers, Hikers, Game Officials, Hunters, Cyclists
100% American Made
Constructed of high-impact thermoplastick, either whistle can be heard clearly above noisy crowds, howling wind and virtually any competing sound. The Storm and Windstorm safety whistles blast our a sound that draws immediate attention.
The Storm and Windstorm whistles operate in any environment, wet or dry. Each whistle performs powerfully both above and below water. Due to their patented water purging design, these all-weather whistles are ideal for activities such as diving, boating, camping, hunting, hiking, or sporting events. The Storm and Windstorm whistles can be heard underwater for distances in excess of 50 feet and on the surface for over half a mile.
Tested in the Most Extreme of Situations
Technical Information
The loudness of the Storm whistle was measured in a soundproof chamber by a research team at the Institute for the Deaf in St. Louis Missouri. The Decibel reading varied between 118 and 120 dB. We compared the loudness of the Storm whistle, Windstorm whistle and a number of our competitors’ whistles. The Storm whistle was nearly twice as loud as any other whistle. The Windstorm whistle was not quite as loud as the Storm, but was clearly louder than any of the competitors. Below, a graph illustrates the loudness of the All-Weather whistles vs. the competitors at a determined flow rate and at a given distance from the receiver.
Used by these groups as a personal alarm where an extremely loud alarm is necessary:
U.S. Special Forces, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of the Interior, Coast Guard, Navy, Airforce, Army, Park Forest Rangers, Police, American Red Cross, NFL
A little more about us…
About All Weather Safety Whistles
All Weather Safety Whistles has been producing Storm Whistles since 1988 and still produces the highest quality American made whistle on the market and loudest whistle in the world.
All Weather Safety prides itself in producing a product so great that it saves lives every day. Trusted by various US Government Agencies and Military units, All Weather is doing its part to protect our country.
As a WBE Certified Women Owned Business, All Weather Safety is also making a difference in the workplace.
About Koala Lifestyle
We believe in making a positive impact on our customers’ lives and our country’s future. For both of these reasons, we strive to create and sell top of the line American Made products. It’s kinda our moral imperative…
Bonus Info About our Koala Safety Lanyard
Not all lanyards are created equal. Koala Lifestyle specially designed our lanyard to be comfortable, lightweight, safe, convenient, and versatile. You’ll love its obvious quality the moment you hold it in your hands.





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