SurviMate Portable Water Filter Pump for Hiking Camping Travel Emergency use with Activated Carbon & 3 Filter Stages (Green) (Pump)

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Check Out SurviMate Portable Water Filter Pump for Hiking Camping Travel Emergency use with Activated Carbon & 3 Filter Stages (Green) (Pump). See Great Survival Water Filters and Purifiers By SurviMate.

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SurviMate Portable Water Filter Pump for Hiking Camping Travel Emergency use with Activated Carbon & 3 Filter Stages (Green) (Pump)

Survival Water Filter Product Features:

TRIPLE FILTRATION SYSTEM: Three-stage filtration system is up to 20 times more efficient than leading competitors, filtering to an amazing 0.01 microns.
FASTEST FLOW RATE: Super-fast flow rate up to 1400 ml (47.8Oz) per minute. The replaceable carbon filter can be used for up to 3,000 Liters (793 Gallons) before it needs replacement.
EASY & QUICK TO USE: The pump water filter can be used directly from fresh water source, pumped clean and safe water into attached cup, OR pumped into any other thermos, water bottles or portable cups.
ANTI-SKID DESIGN: Special anti-skid rubber on sides and bottom of pump helps maintain a firm and sturdy surface while pump is in use, as well as increasing durability .
TRUSTED OUTDOOR COMPANION: This water filter pump will turn rainwater, lake and river water into clean and potable water quickly. Perfect for hiking, camping, backpacking and international travelers in need of clean drinking water.
Sea Water, Carbonated Beverages , Industrial Polluted Water and Alcohols can not be filtered.
Applicable water resources: brooks, ponds, puddles and tap water
Unique Design
The handle is reinforced and stronger, no breakage will occur.
The material of attachable Cup is Tritan, BPA free, super impact strength, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high temperature resistance,just use it to drink water with no worry.
Water filter pump
Filter Accuracy:0.01Îm Minimum
Flow Rate: Max 1400ml/min
Filter Lifetime: 3000L/793Gallons
Cup Capacity:220ml
Net Weight: 254g
Shelf Time:5 Years
Size: 6.5 x 1.97 x 3.15 inch
Advanced Three Heavy Water Filtration Technology
Stage-1: Pre-Filter (PP Cotton) preliminary filter sediment, particles and other impurities,to prevent clogging, can be used repeatedly.
Stage-2: Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Filter to remove odor, chlorine and some heavy metals.
Stage-3:Medical Grade Hollow Fiber UF Membrane Filter removes up 99.99%.
Emergency Need
Having a SurviMate water filter pump on hand allows access to clean, safe drinking water in the event of a natural disaster or survival situation. When disaster hits, municipal water systems are the first to go down. Be prepared!
Hiking essentials,drink water straight from the nearest stream, puddle, or pond.You don’t need to take heavey and clean water anymore if you take SurviMate water filter pump with your hiking.
SurviMate water filter pump is a must for travel.This water pump is very handy and much easier than carrying a separate filter. The water pump is equipped with a mini compass to navigation.
Whether your passion takes you into the high alpine forests, fly fishing on a gentle stream or just on a hike in your nearest state park, SurviMate water filter pump makes safe, clean water easy.
When the flow rate decreases, remove and clean the filter.
After each use empty out the water from the filter, keep it clean and dry before storage





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