SXTL 2 Pack Primitive Fire Starter Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit Friction Fire Kit Scout Tool Survival Practice

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Check Out SXTL 2 Pack Primitive Fire Starter Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit Friction Fire Kit Scout Tool Survival Practice. See Great Survival Fire Starters By SXTL.

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SXTL 2 Pack Primitive Fire Starter Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit Friction Fire Kit Scout Tool Survival Practice
Package includes:
2* Instruction Books 2* Base Board
2* Spindle
2* Bamboo Handle
2* Bag of Tinder for two fire makings
Detailed instructions:
1. Place the tinder under the pit of the baseboard and step on the baseboard to secure it.
2. Put the head of the drill in the pit, firmly hold and press the top of the spindle with one hand
3. Pull the handle back and forth to drill in the baseboard
4. When you see smoke going, continue drilling for another ten seconds
5. (Important!!!) Wrap the baseboard with the tinder both above and below the hole to prevent any heat loss
6. Hold the tinder and baseboard, blow through the hold slowly and firmly, keep blowing until the smoke turns to a fireball.
Reasons for failure:
Potential reasons for failure:
1. I can’t get any smoke even I tried my best to drill
Reason: Your drilling speed is not fast enough and/or have an insufficient normal force to make friction between the baseboard and the drill head.
Solution: Pull the handle back and forth faster and push the drill against the baseboard.
2. I got glowing red coal but it got cold after I transfer it onto the tinder.
Reason: The coal lost some heat during transfer
Solution: Try to wrap the coal and the baseboard with tinder, keep the coal inside the hole, then blow it.
3. There was some smoke when I just started blowing, but no more smoke generated later
Reason: The coal was not hot enough or the environment is too windy
Solution: Drill longer before blowing the coal and make sure you are in a windless area.

Survival Fire Starter Product Features:

BEGINNER FRIENDLY-Step by step instruction book with clear pictures will teach you how to make a fire.
PERFECT EDUCATIONAL TOOL-Ideal tool for teaching prehistory and science class
FOOLPROOF DESIGN-Handle and spindle are tied with paracord, stable structure secures bow drill
SMOOTH SURFACE- The socket and bamboo are made with premium quality material, they will not hurt your hand
ENERGY SAVER- Steel bearing minimize the energy lost due to friction between socket and spindle





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