TOMSHOO Survival Kit First Aid Kit 23 in 1 -Camping Survival Kit Emergency Survival Kit with Survival Bracelet, Fire Starter, Whistle, Wood Cutter 63PCS Included

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Check Out TOMSHOO Survival Kit First Aid Kit 23 in 1 -Camping Survival Kit Emergency Survival Kit with Survival Bracelet, Fire Starter, Whistle, Wood Cutter 63PCS Included. See Great Survival Kits By TOMSHOO.

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TOMSHOO Survival Kit First Aid Kit 23 in 1 -Camping Survival Kit Emergency Survival Kit with Survival Bracelet, Fire Starter, Whistle, Wood Cutter 63PCS Included

Survival Kit Product Features:

Must Have Emergency Kit: This complete survival kit is equipped with multi-purpose emergency survival tools and first aid supplies to meet all your needs in any emergency whether at home, school, traveling and wild exploration.
23 Kinds Of Different Tools: This 23-in-1 outdoor survival kit includes 60pcs tools in total: 1 x Compass, 1 x Emergency Blanket, 1 x Cutter, 1 x Flashlight, 1 x LED Light, 1 x Whistle, 1 x Scissors, 1 x Tourniquet, 2 x Alcohol Pad, 2 x Iodine Pad, 5 x Bandage, 1 x Tweezers, 2 x Gauze Piece, 1 x Lace, 21 x Cotton Swab, 1 x Wire Saw, 10 x Pin, 1 x Fire Starter, 1 x Fire Velvet, 2 x Carabiner, 1 x Paracord Bracelet, 1 x Storage Box, 1 x Storage Sack.
Protective Case: All accessories are packed in a box which features shockproof foam filling and 4 secure latches to provide maximum protection for the tools inside.
Great Ready for Your Adventure: Comes with a soft velvet storage sack that easily fits in any backpack, suitable for camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, trekking, climbing, etc.
Material: Stainless steel + Aluminum alloy + Plastic + Cloth
An emergency kit and emergency supplies may be critical to your survival after an emergency or disaster.
Our professional team of enthusiasts, law enforcement members and veterans have created the perfect sized compact kit that you can take ANYWHERE. We have hand-selected each high-quality item in this kit to specifically cover the widest range of possible scenarios. Experts know that having access to the right tool at the right time can make a major difference in ensuring your safety and the safety of your loved ones.
We’ve packed this kit into a super compact, discreet, ultra-durable, waterproof and easy to carry case that is the size of a small book. Our kit is compact enough to throw in your backpack, your car, your office drawer or in virtually any small handy space that you can access quickly!
Superior Dependability, Mobility, and Organization
Having a high quality, reliable emergency survival kit can make a significant difference in your ability to get through a crisis.
There is no better way to IMPRESS and SURPRISE your dear ones than by offering them the key to their lifetime adventures and the protection they need to fully enjoy the surroundings they come across.
Twice the coverage of emergency blankets. This emergency pouch provides a waterproof, insulating layer between you and the elements for maximum body-heat reflection.
With supplies organized into injury-specific pockets, anyone can give fast and effective first aid. A wide array of medications to treat pain, inflammation, and common allergies.
Everyone may encounter an unexpected emergency. Whether in the forest or trapped in the car, still like camping, hiking, fishing. So it is necessary to put an emergency survival kit in the car, which can help you in case of emergency.





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