TOPS KNIVES Prather War Bowie 7.25in Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife – PWB-01

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Check Out TOPS KNIVES Prather War Bowie 7.25in Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife – PWB-01. See Great Fixed Blade Survival Knives By Tops.

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Fixed Blade Survival Knife Product Details:

TOPS KNIVES Prather War Bowie 7.25in Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife – PWB-01
The Prather War Bowie’s blade is a massive 7 inches long and a nearly unbreakable 1/4 inch thick. The blade is purposely wider than others to create a more devastating wound channel. The overall length is 12 5/8 inches, allowing a generous grip that accommodates large or gloved hands. And whether the operator’s hands are bloody or frozen, Top’s Knives’s famous Rocky Mountain Tread handle scales offer the ideal combat hold.
The War Bowie’s classic sweep and forward balance point naturally facilitate cutting and chopping. The unique dropped blade forms an integral safety guard that makes it impossible for the operator’s fingers to accidentally slide forward and be cut while stabbing with forward or reverse grips.
Thumb grooves on the spine add extra control for fine cuts. A sharpening groove at the base of the edge eases sharpening in the field. The Prather War Bowie’s false edge delivers superior penetration when thrusting. The War Bowie comes with a black nylon tactical sheath, that has a front pocket and MOLLE webbing on the back.
The War Bowie was designed by former 7th Special Forces, DEA Special Agent, DIA Intelligence Officer, and Bujinkan martial arts master Jeff Prather. Jeff also founded Warriorschool, a tactical training academy that specializes in preparing discreet government agencies and specialized military units for hostile overseas environments.
The War Bowie is Jeff’s ideal blade design based on his twenty five years of real world experience both here and abroad. The Prather War Bowie – by warriors… for warriors!

Fixed Blade Survival Knife Product Features:

The fixed blade and clip point survival knife is made of 1095 RC 56-58 steel
The fixed blade knife comprises 7.25″ blade length and 12.63″ overall length
Clip point style of the blade is supplied with Black Linen Micarta and Rocky Mountain Tread style handle
Includes a slim, durable black ballistic nylon sheath
Can be used both for tactical, hunting and survival purposes
One Life … One Knife
Tops Knives are tools, designed and built using the extensive knowledge and real life experiences of many Operators with backgrounds in Military, Law Enforcement, outdoor professions, and Martial Arts. Specifically, Tops Knives have worked with designers with backgrounds ranging from Navy Seals to Airborne Rangers, from Martial Arts instructors to survival experts, and from SWAT Team Members to Native American weapons experts. All TOPS fixed blades are manufactured and hand-finished at the facility in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, USA.
What do you need a knife for
If youre a knife enthusiast, its unlikely that you need a new knife, but the same concepts can apply to you as for those people who are replacing a lost knife or had one break and actually do need a new knife. The most important question is, what will this knife be used for most frequently If you work in a field where youre regularly opening packages, mail, or cutting a lot of paper-like material, youre going to want something different than if youre looking for a concealable self-defense knife. If you work outside the city in rural areas or in nature, youre going to want something totally different than someone who works in a restaurant. If youre a hunter, youll probably want something different than a military guy or gal about to be deployed overseas. Those are obvious callouts, but its the right place to start.
Thats you Should Consider
Blade thickness
Blade thickness – thicker blade stock typically equals stronger knives but can sacrifice sharpness.
Edge geometry
Edge geometry – axes tend to have wider blade edges (up to 30 degrees or so on each side of the edge) and slicers tend to have narrower (say 17 to 20 degrees) for good reasons. Wider edges are less prone to chipping and rolling than thin edges. Thin edges are sharper and cut better (more cleanly). There is always a trade-off.
Blade type
Blade type – Each has its strengths/weaknesses and preferred applications (again, it’s all subjective). There are drop points, tanto points, Sheep’s foot, clip points, and many more to choose from.
Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning and Maintenance – Do you want a worry free stainless steel that you never have to worry about cleaning, but may be very difficult to resharpen, or do you want a carbon steel blade that will rust when wet, but sharpens easily (keep in mind, many modern carbon steel blades are coating to protect from rust).
El Chete Prather War Bowie Tahoma Field Tom Brown Tracker Yakare Machete
Knife Type Fixed Blade Fixed Blade Fixed Blade Fixed Blade Fixed Blade
Overall Length 17.50″ 12.63″ 13.94″ 6.50″ 15.50″
Blade Length 12.00″ 7.25″ 7.75″ 3.50″ 10.25″
Cutting Edge 11.38″ n/a 7.31″ 3.38″ 9.88″
Blade Thickness 0.250″ 0.250″ 0.190″ 0.130″ 0.190″
Blade Steel 1095 RC 56-58 1095 RC 56-58 1095 RC 56-58 1095 RC 56-58 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish Acid Rain Black Traction Coating Black River Wash Coyote Tan Coating Acid Rain
Handle Material Green Canvas/Black Canvas Micarta Black Linen Micarta Tan Canvas Micarta Green Canvas Micarta Black Canvas Micarta
Knife Weight 29.5 oz 14.4 oz 19 oz 3.2 oz 17.7oz
Designer Leo Espinoza Jeff Prather Andy Tran Tom Brown, Jr. Craig Powell

About Survival Knives

Survival knives are made for demanding conditions when your existence is counting on them. They are tough use tools and can be put to work for cutting, prying, whittling, self defense, and many other tasks. The TOPS KNIVES Prather War Bowie 7.25in Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife – PWB-01 can potentially work as a survival knife depending on the situation.

Components of a Knife

The primary parts of the survival knife are the blade, hilt, handle, tang, and pommel or butt. These fundamental pieces can be additionally broken down into their sub components. The blade includes the tip or point, edge, spine or back, and bevels. The hilt is the handguard located between the blade and the grip area. The handle consists of the scales (the grippy sides of the handle) and installing hardware. The tang is the piece of metal that runs the whole length of the knife from pommel to tip. Finally, the pommel or butt is at the back of the knife (end toward the user when held normally in hand).

Fixed Blade VS Folding Survival Knives

There are a number of different kinds of knives including fixed blades and folding knives. Fixed blades are generally much better for heavy-duty cutting tasks. The sturdiness of the blade assists the cutter control the knife edge better, and the blade usually holds up better over the long run. Typical fixed blade knives include full-length hunting knives, survival knives, battle knives, and cooking knives. Folding knives are more compact than fixed blade knives and easily carried in a pocket for every-day-carry (EDC). The technique of how the blade folds into the handle makes it a useful option for smaller pocket knives. Some folding knives have lockouts that help keep the blade in position when unfolded. This imitates a fixed blade while keeping the benefits of a folder. Remember that lockouts are mechanical and can stop working if intense pressure is applied to the folding knife blade.

Tops Knife Blade Care and Maintenance

Tops knives must be cared for and maintained appropriately to maximize their useful life as a cutting tool. Try to keep the blade dry whenever possible. Blade maintenance consists of sometimes sharpening the edge with a grinder, whetstone, or diamond sharpener and rubbing the blade down with a light coat of oil. Double check that the edge is devoid of any nicks or chips and deburr any defects.

Knife Laws and Bladed Weapon Carry Laws

Lots of states, regions, and areas have policies about wearing knives and bladed weapons. Some of these weapon associated laws might apply to the TOPS KNIVES Prather War Bowie 7.25in Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife – PWB-01. The laws depend upon things like the kind of knife, how the knife is carried, the blade length, and the places where the knife is carried. When carrying a blade, there are a few basic rules you can follow.

Be careful carrying knives concealed since this categorizes the knife as a concealed carry weapon (CCW). Some states have guidelines limiting specific things like blade lengths over 3 inches. For fixed blade knives, carry them on your belt when you are working outside, camping, trekking, or out adventuring in the outdoors.

For folding blade knives, once again take care of possessing folding blade lengths over 3 inches concealed. If your region or state mandates it, look into getting a CCW license. Knives which use assisted opening abilities or automatic openers are typically restricted too.

Beware carrying knives in places around government structures, schools, and public gatherings. Many special events like sporting events, county fairs, and shows do not allow knives of any kind and security will seize them upon entry.

Frequently Asked Knife Questions:

Question: Is the Tops brand a good quality knife brand?
Answer: Yes, the Tops brand makes decent quality knives which work for many cutting tasks.

Question: How should I look after my Tops knife?
Answer: Tops knives should be sharpened after use, oiled regularly, and kept in good working order.

Question: Can the TOPS KNIVES Prather War Bowie 7.25in Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife – PWB-01 be used as a survival knife?
Answer: Survivalism is an use case for knives and cutting instruments. The TOPS KNIVES Prather War Bowie 7.25in Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife – PWB-01 can possibly be used for survival situations together with numerous other tasks.

Question: How should I hone the TOPS KNIVES Prather War Bowie 7.25in Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife – PWB-01 blade?
Answer: Using a whetstone is among the very best traditional ways to hone the blade on your TOPS KNIVES Prather War Bowie 7.25in Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife – PWB-01. Other ways like using an auto sharpener will also work to keep the cutting edge razor sharp and honed.

Question: Is the TOPS KNIVES Prather War Bowie 7.25in Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife – PWB-01 legal in my state?
Answer: It depends, inspect regional blade length laws for your state. The length of the TOPS KNIVES Prather War Bowie 7.25in Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife – PWB-01 blade might be legal depending upon how it is carried on your person and where you live.

Question: Can I carry this knife as a CCW?
Answer: Examine your state for edged weapon concealed carry laws (CCW). You may need to get a permit to carry the knife or it may need to be under a particular blade length like under 3.5 inches.





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