Vern’s Flint and Steel Complete Fire Starter Set with Hinged Tinder Box and English Flint

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Check Out Vern’s Flint and Steel Complete Fire Starter Set with Hinged Tinder Box and English Flint. See Great Survival Fire Starters By Vern’s Flint and Steel.

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Vern’s Flint and Steel Complete Fire Starter Set with Hinged Tinder Box and English Flint
I ship quick. First class shipping should arrive within 6 days. Makes a great gift! For sale: An absolutely reliable English Flint and Steel Fire Starter Kit with Hinged Tinder Box similar as shown in pictures. (I’ve seen one of these steels were used on a tv survival show (Feb. 2017) as pointed out by one of my loyal customers.) Use this steel striker to actually sharpen your flint rock when the edge gets dull. (Described in the directions) Included in the kit (1 set) Indicated by * *1 C-Shaped hardened sparking steel striker at 3 1/2 inches in length. I consider this a four finger striker. *5 pieces of Pure black charred cloth. *1 small piece of birch bark to conveniently protect that char cloth during shipping, and then use it protect your hand while getting that birds nest lit, then throw it into the fire lay to get your flame going easier. Birch bark burns even when damp because of the oils in the bark. *1 larger or 2 smaller hard English flint rocks (depends what I have in stock but they will not be tiny). (In my opinion it’s the best in the world for flint and steel sets.) If I send you only one Quality English flint rock it’s because a second one will not fit inside the hinged tin. * 3 natural manila rope tinder pieces, and one jute rope pc. (not shown) for one to convert to several birds like nests. *Two small pieces of jute twine to make into 2 small nests. Use one for practice to get that quick flash fire or mix it into the manila rope birds like nest to get that burning a little easier. *1 thick 4 ply reusable plastic zip lock bag. 1 hinged metal tin 3.75 inches X 2.5 inches * Directions on use and directions on how to make char cloth ____ The steel in this set can be used to sharpen dull flint as it features a built in flint sharpener. This is a unique feature in the steel as described in the directions that only my product can claim as such a process. All flint and steel sets work best with sharp flint rock and one can achieve this with my set.

Survival Fire Starter Product Features:

Hardened Carbon Steel
English Flint
Is a complete fire starting kit
Hinged Tin
Char cloth included





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