Waterdrop Water Filter Straw with Gravity Water Bag, Portable Camping Filtration System, Drinking Water Purifier for Emergency Hiking Travel Backpacking

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Check Out Waterdrop Water Filter Straw with Gravity Water Bag, Portable Camping Filtration System, Drinking Water Purifier for Emergency Hiking Travel Backpacking. See Great Survival Water Filters and Purifiers By Waterdrop.

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Waterdrop Water Filter Straw with Gravity Water Bag, Portable Camping Filtration System, Drinking Water Purifier for Emergency Hiking Travel Backpacking
How to backwash
Backwashing is essential for keeping the Filterstraw in good condition and making it easy to use multiple times.
After drinking, blow air through the mouthpiece frequently, or drain the Filterstraw by shaking out as much water as you can. After using, remove the mouthpiece and flush it with clean water. (A standard water bag can be used, or a pop bottle with a standard thread diameter of 27.5mm can be filled with clean water to backwash the Filterstraw.) Cap the filter tightly after it has dried.
Do not use chemicals to clean the Filterstraw because they will shorten the service life of the carbon fiber filter.
Working principle
There are many micro-fibrous tubes in the 0.1-micron hollow fiber filters. They can prevent protozoa from going through the outer walls of the tubes, while water can easily pass through them. The principle of micro-fibrous tubes is similar to that of medical dialysis technology. Therefore, water going through the Filterstraw will be clean and safe.

Survival Water Filter Product Features:

Premium materials: Effectively Removes 99% of harmful substances. The adoption of high-grade coconut shell activated carbon fiber improves odor and taste, ensures the water safety and delivers better drinking experience.
Versatile uses: Use with water bags or connect to water bottles to filter water for drinking. Both ends can be disassembled and connected to water bags and water bottles to offer you clean drinking water anywhere, anytime.
Outdoor water needs: Fulfill all your outdoor water demands: hiking, camping, domestic and international travel, emergency preparedness (tornadoes, rainstorms, earthquakes, floods, etc.).
Innovative super-wash design: No need for the extra syringe to backwash. It eliminates cumbersome fittings and saves space, bringing you pure water with the greatest convenience and comfort.
Smaller frame: With a smaller frame but bigger capacity, the Waterdrop Filterstraw can provide up to 100,000 gallons of safe drinking water. It easily absorbs water and can quench your thirst instantly. Match with water bags or bottles for the ultimate drinking experience.
Three-stage filtration
Uses three-stage filtration to effectively remove contaminants, from large particles to extremely tiny substances, thereby ensuring the safety of water.
Improved water experience
Uses advanced Japanese activated carbon fiber to ensure water safety and improve taste, providing you with high-quality water in the field.
Effective removal
The filter has a 0.1-micron hollow fiber membrane to remove 99.99% of common protozoa in water.
Easy to carry and use
You can use the Filterstraw with water bottles or soda bottles that have a standard thread on their tops. Fill the bottle with filtered water and take it with you anywhere you want.
Can be shared to satisfy many people
The Filterstraw can connect to water bags or bottles. Enjoy clean water for yourself and your friends.
Achieves cleanliness
There is no need for extra syringe backwashing. The Filterstraw eliminates the need for extra cumbersome fittings and makes the water bag versatile.






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