Waterproof Lighter Keychain Refillable Survival Hiking EDC by PreparNation

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Check Out Waterproof Lighter Keychain Refillable Survival Hiking EDC by PreparNation. See Great Survival Fire Starters By PreparNation.

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Waterproof Lighter Keychain Refillable Survival Hiking EDC by PreparNation
The PreparNation Waterproof Stay-Lit Lighter will get your fire roaring in any weather!
Our O-ring-sealed design keeps the lighter safe and dry while protecting the fuel from evaporation.
The Stay-Lit lighter is perfect for: Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, Wilderness Survival, Emergency, and Everyday Use, such as lighting a bonfire or a cigar.
Do you love the outdoors! Our durable, lightweight design makes this the best fire-starter available to outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you love ultralight backpacking or just starting a backyard bonfire, youll feel confident knowing that you chose the reliable Stay-Lit Lighter.
Set-up and Refills are Easy! Detailed instructions are included. Simply squeeze a small amount of lighter fluid* onto the cotton wick, and the lighter will strike reliably for weeks between refills. After one quick strike, it sparks up immediately and stays lit like a match, which makes fire starting much easier than with a standard lighter.
Our flint lighter burns Hot (2000+ degrees) and will stay lit in virtually any weather conditions. The attached keyring and FREE carabiner allow you to clip onto your backpack or keychain, so you’ll have a reliable fire starter wherever you go!
Our hardy wick can be lit thousands of times before needing to be replaced. When your wick is ready to be changed out, the process is cheap, quick, and easy.** Grab yours today, and start fires reliably for years to come!
*Due to USA shipping restrictions, we are unable to ship these lighters filled with fuel. You will need to purchase lighter fluid (Zippo or Ronsonol work great) separately, either on Amazon or at a local gas station/tobacco.
**Detailed instructions and video tutorials are available on our website, just search “PreparNation” on google.

Survival Fire Starter Product Features:

Completely Waterproof- Perfect for Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, Travel- Anything Outdoor!
Clear Instructions make Set-up Simple and Easy!
FREE locking Carabiner, Clip your Keychain Lighter to your Car Keys, Backpack, or Belt Loop
Shock-Resistant and Durable = Reliable Fire Starter in any Situation
Protective O-Ring keeps Water Out and Fuel In!





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