WEYLAND Emergency Survival Kit – Outdoor Survival Gear, Full Size Tactical Bushcraft Knife and Essential Camping and Hiking Tools for Any Outdoorsman

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Check Out WEYLAND Emergency Survival Kit – Outdoor Survival Gear, Full Size Tactical Bushcraft Knife and Essential Camping and Hiking Tools for Any Outdoorsman. See Great Survival Kits By WEYLAND.

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WEYLAND Emergency Survival Kit – Outdoor Survival Gear, Full Size Tactical Bushcraft Knife and Essential Camping and Hiking Tools for Any Outdoorsman

Survival Kit Product Features:

Survival Gear Kit used as an Outdoor Wilderness Survival Kit, EDC kit, Go Bags Survival Kit, Emergency Kit, Bugout Survival Kit or Zombie Survival Kit
Has a fixed blade Survival Knife with a full tang making it the strongest most versatile Tactical Knife in any Tactical Kit or Military Survival Kit.
We put in more tactical gear, outdoor gear and other backpacking essentials making the perfect Survival Pack to give to any outdoor lover.
Includes a downloadable PDF copy of our Brand New Survival Guide written specifically to accompany our Weyland Outdoors Survival Kit at no extra cost.
Additional camping gear in this hiking kit includes fire starter, paracord bracelet, blanket, whistle, multitool card, saw, mirror, compass and sheath
Weyland Outdoors Emergency Survival Tool Kit
Let Weyland Outdoors be your choice for Quality Survival Supplies!

“As the founder of Weyland Outdoors I am confident that we have the BEST SURVIVAL TOOL KIT out there.” – Ryan MacRae
Weyland Outdoors put quality first with our Emergency Outdoor Survival Kit and here’s how we’re different:
Our Survival Knife…
… is a fixed blade and is full tang (1 solid piece of steel) making it SUPER STRONG. It features a Tanto Tip Straight Edge, Serrations, Gut Hook, Slotted Fuller AND a Glass Breaker Butt End making it MORE VERSATILE! And finally it measures in just under 11 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and almost 1/4 in thick… in other words IT’S HUGE!
Our Survival Bracelet …
… uses 13′ of 550 7 strand paracord (military grade) and uses a Metal SHACKLE (which has a variety of different survival functions) instead of inferior plastic clips.
Our Wire Saw
… is made of 304 stainless steel diamond wire and has ergonomically designed handles instead of common key rings which can be terribly painful during use.
Our Compass…
… is larger, made of rugged stainless steel and doesn’t depend on water like those tiny plastic bubble compasses which can freeze, break and fail to point North.
Our Fire Starter…
… comes complete with cotton tinder in addition to the ferro rod and striker. (It also houses a signal whistle and Kubotan Tip.)
A Signal Mirror…
… IS INCLUDED in our kit to alert rescue to your location. Its made of a durable acrylic with a highly reflective sub surface. It even has a back up whistle on the lanyard!
Our Plastic Case…
… is BIGGER so everything fits easily inside with room to spare so you can add your own survival essentials and it’s is also a great container for collecting and purifying fresh water via “hot stone boiling”!
Includes a PDF download of our new Companion Survival Guide written specifically to accompany the Weyland Outdoors Survival Kit!
Additionally we also include:
A Multitool Card with a variety of different functions including: Can Opener, Knife Edge, Screwdriver, Ruler, Bottle Opener, Hex Wrenches, Butterfly Wrench, Saw Blade & Water Compass Reservoir
We offer all this at a Great Value and are committed to providing you with an Exceptional Customer Experience.





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