XIFEI Keychain Bottle Opener and Matchstick Fire Starter Great Kerosene Refillable Keychain Lighter

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Check Out XIFEI Keychain Bottle Opener and Matchstick Fire Starter Great Kerosene Refillable Keychain Lighter. See Great Survival Fire Starters By XIFEI.

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XIFEI Keychain Bottle Opener and Matchstick Fire Starter Great Kerosene Refillable Keychain Lighter

Survival Fire Starter Product Features:

PERFECT DESIGN:This one-piece keychain is made of all-alloy material, flint and steel,and the keychain is perfectly combined with the Flint lighter and beer bottle opener, which is very delicate and beautiful.
APPLICABLE PERFORMANCE:beautiful appearance, stylish fashion with keychain, open beer anytime and anywhere, lighter is effective even in wet or cold, our products combine outdoor practicality and convenience, making it a hiking/camping/field survival/ Essential equipment such as hunting,
EASY TO USE9IN*3.6IN, weighs about 1.58oz, need to add a small amount of fuel (gasoline or kerosene) before using the igniter, let the match stick infuse for 1-2 minutes (the cotton core completely absorbs the fuel) Note: Due to airmail regulations, lighters do not have their own fuel).
HIGH QUALITY:suitable for everyone to wear, vermiculite starter and adjustable cotton can withstand at least 10,000 clicks, high quality magnesium core forward. Fuel can be replenished and can be used thousands of times
AFTER-SALES SERVICE:If you are dissatisfied with this product, please contact us immediately and get a full refund within 90 days. Also provides 2 years of quality assurance
keychain flint fire starter
Perfect look, can’t fault it
Multiple functions in one (keychain, bottle opener, flint fire starter)
A small keychain brings you a different life experience
keychain flint fire starter back design,
Flint fire starter use description:
This is mainly for outdoor or immediate fire use
Every time you catch fire, after burning for 3-4 seconds, you have to extinguish it, otherwise it will burn to your cotton wick, otherwise you will need to draw a new cotton wick when you next use Come out a short section, this will waste the cotton wick. After a fire is completed, the lighter must be screwed into the keychain for the next use.
Exquisite and beautiful
When you do nt know how to light a fire
You should think of your keychain
How powerful is his function
Enjoy a beer unintentionally
Can take out your corkscrew at any time
Isn’t it great
Because of aviation regulations
The keychain itself is without fuel
Fuel needs to be purchased separately
Need to refuel before firing
Lighter blade operates as shown
Lighter is easy to complete
For the first use, there is a layer of paint on the magnesium rod.
Need to shave a few more times. It works well when the paint falls off
It is easy to ignite
Product box has spare wick
Burn a wick once every 5 seconds
Can be used about 5000 times
Of course, the premise is to use it correctly
After use, a spare wick needs to be replaced.
Replacement method is shown in the figure
The product is packed in a beautiful box
Includes a keychain
One spare wick
Two sealed silicone rings





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