YEHOBU Hiking Compass, Military Compass, Multifunctional Lensatic Compass, Waterproof Navigation Compasses, Survival Emergency Luminous Sighting Compass

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Check Out YEHOBU Hiking Compass, Military Compass, Multifunctional Lensatic Compass, Waterproof Navigation Compasses, Survival Emergency Luminous Sighting Compass. See Great Survival Compasses By YEHOBU.

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YEHOBU Hiking Compass, Military Compass, Multifunctional Lensatic Compass, Waterproof Navigation Compasses, Survival Emergency Luminous Sighting Compass
Compass for Multiple Purposes:
This professional grade military compass will always lead you in the right direction. Ideal for hiking, motoring, boating, camping,
mountaineering, adventure, geodesy mapping,navigation, and other outdoor activities.
The main functions of the military compass include pointing, positioning,slope measurement, map orientation and deviation angle measurement.
The lensatic compass with a floating dial of liquid-filled and clear 360° scale, its readings are highly accurate and reliable.
It has a built-in leveling bubble that maintain compass balance, which ensures higher accuracy.
Hiking compass has a tripod mounting hole on the buttom,so you can install it on a tripod.
The metal quality means it’s rugged and sturdy enough to withstand rough terrain and extreme weather conditions, which can resistant cold, heat.
Compact size and military waterproof bag for carrying easily.
Compass components:
Made of metal construction
Sighting window with sighting line
Adjustable refractive lens
Floating compass dial with with elastic liquid
Rotating border ring
Luminous arrow and card circle
Folding thumb ring
Inch / cm scale
Built-in Bubble level circle
Reference table to estimate distance and scope
Comes with high quality carrying bag + Lanyard
*Color: ArmyGreen
*Material: Metal
Packaged Included
*1PCS*Metal Compass
*1PCS*Waterproof Bag
Warm Tips
When compass are too close to magnetic field, the pointer may be disturbed. Please keep away from the magnetic field.
The luminous effect refers to the phosphor power under the light, can be seen after uv light irradiation.The longer the exposure irradiation,
the longer lumious indication.If there is no exposure, there is no luminous effect.

Survival Compass Product Features:

Durable Metal Instrument – Consists of high-strength engineering metal, Lensatic Compass is as solid and durable as military equipment, shockproof, waterproof. Navigation Compass also can work under extreme weather conditions.Great for outdoor activities.
Accurate Reading – Built-in a bubble level instrument, which can improve Prismatic Compasss’s accuracy and reduce mistakes. The Sighting Lens can enlarge the dial,vertical line of the sighting optic (1°resolution) provides you more clear and accurate readings.
Fluorescent Design – A fluorescent ring is specially designed inside the compass dial, which can glow brightly at night, you can read data without a flashlight.But the Camping Compass must absorb enough sunlight to achieve a good glow.
Clinometers Function – The Sighting Compass allows to measure the difference between height and slope. Lensatic Compass is great for hunting, hiking, Geology and other outdoor activities.
Easy to Carry – There are 2 rope buckles and a military green lanyard for putting or hanging the compass, which can keep the military compass near you with a leather belt, or place it in your pocket with a carrying case safely.





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